My Cloth Diaper Story

I'm not sure I've ever published my cloth diaper story on this blog. I feel like I've told it numerous times. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere on the internet, but here? I don't know. So forgive me if you've heard this story! If it's a new story to you, sit back and enjoy!

We were well prepared when I became pregnant in late 2010. We had been trying to get pregnant for a while and after a few rounds of Clomid, there was a little shock and a lot of excitement when I saw the two pink lines on that pregnancy test at 5 am. We already had names picked out and had been discussing our "baby budget" for quite some time. At the time, both Chas and I were working full time. It was decided and important to us that I quit my job once our first little bundle of joy arrived and become a full time stay at home mom. I was an elementary school teacher. We all know, or maybe you don't, that teacher pay isn't great, but remove tens of thousands of dollars from any family's budget and it'll be missed and noticed!

So the baby budget meant getting serious about budgeting. We had already lived pretty frugally and mostly on Chas' salary. My salary went mostly to debt reduction and savings, but we needed to figure in the added cost of another person in our family. We had already decided that if possible, I would breastfeed. The cost of formula was not something we were interested in. Disposable diapers were expensive, but we didn't know any better...at first.  I was more concerned with how I was going to convince him that Pampers were really that much better than store brand and worth the extra couple of dollars per pack.

Late one night, sometime around the time we received our good pregnancy news (maybe before, maybe after, I can't remember), Chas joked that we could use cloth diapers. We didn't know anything about modern cloth diapers or even old school cloth diapers for that fact!  No one we knew cloth diapered. Such a foreign idea. So I laughed off his cloth diaper suggestion and went along in my happy little baby planning world.

The week we got the blissful news, I spent that Saturday in our local baby boutique checking out all the adorable baby items. Lo and behold, next to the adorable swaddling blankets and going home outfits was a display of cloth diapers. They were so tiny...and colorful...and bright...and soft! I picked up a Fuzzibunz and inspected how it worked. Right then and there it was decided. Cloth diapers were the way to go!

A few days later I dragged Chas into the shop to see them for himself. We signed up for a Cloth Diaper 101 course. I posted on my Facebook page begging my many pregnant friends to jump on the cloth diaper bandwagon with me. They thought I was crazy. We were decided and ready, even if that meant venturing along alone!

At our class, we purchased a small sampler stash of different brands and styles of diapers to get us started. We didn't want to make a full purchase until we were sure what we liked. We spent around $200 on an assortment that included Fuzzibunz one-size, Bumgenius 4.0s and Elementals, Thirsties wraps, and more! They were so adorable! I prepped them four months before I needed them and impatiently waited for our little boy to arrive!

I didn't want to kid myself or set myself up for failure. I had a lot of newborn experience before our own child was born, but being a nanny in college isn't quite the same as being a brand new mom. I didn't know if I was up for the challenge of cloth diapering from birth or even once we got home from the hospital. So we decided to use the disposable diapers provided by the hospital while there. Then we wanted to use disposable diapers at home until his cord stump fell off and I felt like my feet were truly wet as a new mom. I figured about a month or so into my new gig I'd be up for the cloth.

Who was I kidding? I was dying to put the adorable fluffy diapers on my tiny newborn's little tush! I couldn't wait. But wait I did...for 2 1/2 weeks. He had healed nicely and his cord stump was gone. I was a pro (or good enough) at being a mom and I was ready! The first diaper Noah ever wore was a SoftBums. I was in love!

It's been 16 months and not once have I regretted our decision. I never long for the ease of disposable diapers or regret the laundry. We love the money we've saved. In fact, until Noah started on solid foods he didn't cost us a dime! Well visits and breast milk were free, the diapers were paid for, he had plenty of clothes. It was glorious! And while money saving was the number one reason we started to use cloth diapers, I began to love the environmental aspect as well. And of course, the community of moms I have met through cloth diapering has been overwhelming awesome! I've made some great friends!

What's your cloth diaper story? Each week I feature a new Cloth Diaper Story right here on my blog! It's easy to submit your story and only takes a few minutes! 

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