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Diaper Damage

See this? It's a bumGenuis Elemental. Isn't it beautiful? These are some of my favorite diapers! This particular one was purchased almost two years ago as part of my first cloth diaper purchase!

A few months ago, I pulled this out of my washing machine. Apparently, it got stuck on something and pulled, causing the snap to rip off and tearing the tab.

So, what do you do when damage happens to one of your favorite cloth diapers?

1. Cry
Okay, so maybe not really, but I seriously thought about it! 

2. Shout it out on all social media sites!
This of course is if you are a social media junkie like me. Using the #clothdiapers hashtag, share with everyone you know how upset you are! 

3. Research the warranty.
Darn! One year warranty!

Now what? The diaper itself is still great. If only I could get this one tab fixed. I don't know how to sew, so that's not an option. Can this even be sewn up? 

Then, you thank your lucky stars for good friends!

My aplix loving friend had recently given Elementals a shot. She was bummed they didn't come in aplix and saw this an opportunity! Her proposition...

1. Repair
Get our other friend that did know how to sew to convert it to an aplix diaper.

2. Trade
She'd send me one of her Elementals for my repaired Elemental in aplix. Deal!

Then, you thank your lucky stars again for a Seconds Sale from Cotton Babies and order another Elemental.

All is well in my fluffy world again!

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