Cloth Diaper Weekly - January 26

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How to get diaper cream out of cloth diapers - The Anti-June Cleaver
What to do when non-cloth diaper safe creams get on your cloth diapers.

Diapers May Hinder Walking in Babies - Huffington Post
A scientific study that examines if diapers (cloth or disposable) impact walking for babies and toddlers.

Guest Posts I wrote this week:
Prefolds are easier than you think! - Cloth Diaper Outlet
Tips for Traveling with Cloth - Knickernappies Blog

Posts from the Cloth Diaper Revival:
Raquel's Cloth Diaper Story
Real Life Cloth Diapering: Cloth Diapering without a Washing Machine
Real Life Cloth Diapering: Dear Dads {a dad's view of cloth diapering}
Back to Basics: How to Prep and Use Wool

Don't forget about the two great giveaways going on!
Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway {Snug as a Bug hop}
Baby Shower Gifts for the Non-Cloth Diapering Mom (& a Giveaway!)

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