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Back to Basics: Cloth Diapers & Babysitters

Having a new babysitter can be tough on parents. You worry if your child will bond and pray everything goes okay. Your first few times with a new sitter doesn't have to be stressful if you leave clear, simple directions. You don't have to ditch the cloth diapers for the night either!

Follow these tips to make cloth diapering simple for your sitter and create a stress free night for everyone!

Leave a stack of "simple" diapers for your sitter. Pockets or all-in-one diapers are great for sitters, just make sure they are stuffed, if pockets, and ready for use. You could even use prefolds and covers, but I suggest using a prefold trifolded and lying in covers already.

If your sitter will be taking care of the bedtime routine, leave the pajamas and your nighttime diaper in a separate pile. This will prevent any confusion.

Use diaper liners or leave a small wet bag for the sitter to place soiled diapers. Make things easier for your sitter and let her (or him) place the soiled diapers in a wet bag for you to deal with when you return from home.

Put away any diaper creams that aren't cloth diaper safe! Prevent accidents and just hide these!

Once your sitter is accustomed to your routine, you may be able to expect more out of her! Eventually, cloth diapering can become second nature for her too and you won't need to do all this.

Do you leave cloth diapers for your sitter? What tips do you have for making the night a success?

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