Back to Basics: Benefits of Hemp in Cloth Diapers

Have you discovered the benefits of using natural fibers when cloth diapering? Hemp is one of my favorite fibers found in my cloth diaper stash! If you're struggling with leaks do to a heavy wetter, looking for a successful night time solution, or a more eco-friendly option, you should consider adding hemp to your cloth diaper stash!

More Absorbent
Hemp absorbs more moisture than fibers like cotton or microfiber.

Protect your baby from mold and mildew with hemp! It has natural anti-microbial properties.

No Pesticides
Cotton is typically sprayed with pesticides during the farming process, but no pesticides are used when growing hemp!

Hemp is a breathable fabric allowing air to circulate. This is great for preventing rash!

Hemp is more durable fabric than cotton.

Some of my favorite cloth diaper products that contain hemp:
Hemp Babies Doublers: Pair this thin, absorbent doublers with your current insert. You can even fold them in half or thirds for even more protection in the wet zone. At $3 a pop, these are a great item to have in your stash!

BabyKicks Hemparoo JoeyBunz inserts: I love using these as a replacement for microfiber in my pocket diapers! No compression leaks, super absorbent!

Bamboobies: Nursing pads for you nursing mamas! When I made the switch to reusable nursing pads, I fell in love with my Bamboobies! No leaks, incredibly soft, and reusable!

Fun fact!
Did you know that it's illegal to grow hemp in the US? It's in the same family as marijuana and was outlawed in the 1930s.

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