Baby Shower Gifts for the Non-Cloth Diapering Mom

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When you're a cloth diapering mom, you want to share with everyone about your cloth diapers. You can't possibly understand how others can't see the millions of reasons why you love cloth diapering. I love this joke from Dirty Diaper Laundry! Can you relate?

So when a friend (or stranger) announces that she is pregnant, one of your first thoughts may be tell her everything you can about cloth diapering. If she dismisses you and is not interested, you may be disheartened. How can she not see how awesome they are!? So when this friend invites you to her baby shower, should you give her cloth diapers as a gift? These are my thoughts and opinions:

If she has expressed interest in cloth diapers...
Yes! It is okay to purchase a cloth diaper as baby shower gift! Buy her some cloth diapers, maybe the Changing Diapers Book. You could even encourage her to start a registry!

If she is not interested in cloth diapering...
Unfortunately, no! Do not force cloth diapers on this new mom. Sure, she may fall in love in when she sees how tiny and adorable a newborn diaper is, but chances are she's seen a diaper before (because you can't help yourself) and she's still not interested. In this case, you will buying a poor diaper that will sit untouched, never to grace the bottom of a tiny baby's bottom. Oh, the shame!

So what do you get her?  You can still satisfy your need to buy cloth diaper items and her desire not to cloth diaper! Kelly's Closet sells a variety of products for every new mom!

1.  Changing Pad

2.  Swim Diaper (pair it with a bottle of sunscreen)

3.  Diaper Rash Cream

4.  Natural & Organic Bath Products

5.  Moby Wrap 

6.  Teethers

What is your go-to baby shower gift? Do you have a favorite?

For more ideas check out my favorite products for moms and babies!

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