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A Cloth Diaper Story: Raquel B.


I have 2 children, a active 4 year old boy and sweet 18 month old girl). I also have a baby on the way! Due to arrive in July 2013! :-)

About Raquel
I am currently a stay-at-home mom and full time student. I am working towards my Associates Degree in Nursing and hope to graduate in December of 2013. I love baking (it is my stress relief) and sewing, although I haven't had much time for the latter lately. 

How long have you been cloth diapering?
I have been using cloth since January of 2011, so this month is my 2 year anniversary!

Why did you choose to cloth diaper?
I chose to cloth diaper because I had one little boy who was day time potty trained and was soaking through disposable diapers at night. I couldn't handle the wet sheets anymore and refused to pay through the nose for pull-ups. I bought a couple cheap pocket diapers (don't judge!) and never looked back. We had a dry toddler and sheets in the morning. So basically, it was to save money, and to cut down on the wet child experiences.

What diapers are in your stash?

Oh dear! Where to start!? I'm a bit of a diaper "collector" or should I say my collection is eclectic, I have very few "repeats" in my stash and love to try new diapers!

Pocket diapers:
I have a lot of pocket diapers, (the majority of my stash) probably half of them are WAHM made or made by me, and the others are Softbums, BumGenius, Applecheeks, Thirsties, Charlie Banana, PuPond, Happy Heinys, Rumparooz, Fuzzibunz, and Alva.

BumGenius, Thirsties, Bum-ware OS, and homemade by me!

Thirsties (I love their duo system! Love!), Bumkins, Econobum, homemade, GroVia, Sweet Pea and various wool wraps, longies, shorties, and soakers made by me and WAHMs "

Favorite diaper in your stash?
Right now Softbums Omni Cowies print!

Biggest cloth diapering challenge?
Stinkies. I need to learn to stick with a laundry routine when it works and stop trying to see if I can "fix" something that isn't broken! Right now I think adding more detergent and not stuffing the washer full would do wonders! :-)

Favorite thing about cloth diapering?
Not running out of diapers! The savings! The people you meet who cloth diaper! The list could go on and on!

Least favorite thing about cloth diapering?
Poop? I really don't mind any of it, but tarry poop that is not easily removed from a diaper without a high powered pressure washer is not fun.

Favorite piece of parenting or cloth diaper advice?
Cloth diapering is easier than it looks, but it might be for everyone. :-)

Thanks Raquel for sharing your story!

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