My amazing husband & the song he wrote for Grandma El's

I can't say enough good things about my husband. He adores us, takes care of us, and always puts us first. He's amazingly kind and incredibly talented. He paints, writes songs, plays the guitar, and sings. Before he met me, he would write songs about his broken heart or his love for Jesus. He wrote lots and lots of songs. They're good. Seriously. Ask anyone that knows him. The silliest song I think he ever wrote (before he met me) was about Bigfoot. It was played on a local radio station. 

In the 4 years we've been together, he's written six songs. Two songs for Jesus, the song he proposed with, a song for my first Mother's Day, and two songs for this blog. Two songs about cloth diapers. What have I done to him? You can hear the first song here. It's catchy! 

When Grandma El's announced their video giveaway and the grand prize was an iPad, I tried to convince him to write a song. He wouldn't budge. So, I created my own boring, doesn't stand a chance entry. Then yesterday, the giveaway deadline was extended, there were very low entries, and somehow I managed to convince him to do this:

I'm pretty sure he's mortified. He wouldn't let me post it on my personal Facebook page, but I love it! And hey, even we don't win, we had a blast making this memory!

If you liked his song, please leave a comment! I'm sure it would make him feel a little better for putting this on the internet!

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