How to store dirty diapers {Cloth Diaper Basics}

One of the things you must figure out after you decide what diapers to stock your stash with, is how you will store them in between washing, when soiled. You may be a little grossed out by keeping poopy diapers hanging around your house for a day or two, but I promise you that with the correct materials, you won't have any issues!

Diaper Pail
You can use a diaper pail to keep your diapers contained until wash day. Any container with (or even without) a lid will do. A pail liner will help keep the pail clean and any wetness contained. I use a trash can with a swinging lid lined with a Planet Wise pail liner. I keep 2 pail liners in my stash to rotate out. Some people prefer to keep the lid off of their pail to prevent smells, but I've never had any issues with keeping mine on it!

Another option is to not use a a pail liner at all and just use an empty pail. After you dump your dirty diapers in the wash, simply spray out your pail and you're ready to go!

Wet Bag
Wet bags are great for storing dirty diapers both at home and on the go! They prevent leaks and contain smells. At home you can use a hanging wet bag that you keep on a hook or door knob. This is wonderful for traveling! You can also keep a small one in your diaper bag for diaper changes while running errands.

If you're familiar with a disposable diaper pail, you'll be plagued by the smell of dirty diapers lingering around in your house. Dirty cloth diapers don't even compare! In fact, you'll come to realize you don't even notice the diaper pail at all as long as you wash regularly (every 2-3 days).

When my son was exclusively breastfeed, I kept the diaper pail next to his changing table and threw the diapers straight in the pail. Once we introduced solid foods, I needed to spray my diapers. I've tried two methods to store my diapers once this happened.

1. Pail & Wet Bag: I kept the diaper pail in the nursery and hung a small wet bag next to the toilet.
2. Pail in the bathroom: I moved the pail to the bathroom and carry all of my diapers to the pail. If they are soiled, I spray before throwing them in the pail.

I've found the second option is what's working best for me. The first option left me forgetting to grab both sets of diapers on wash day.

For more information check out my posts on stinky diapers and wet bags!

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