Back to Basics: Stocking your Diaper Bag - Cloth Diaper Edition

I feel like every mom struggles in the beginning with what to pack in her diaper bag. I had my diaper bag packed way before my son was even born! I tend to over pack in general (diaper bags, road trips, my purse). I am always prepared. So, what exactly do you need in your diaper bag and what can you leave at home?

This can be a bit of a personal thing. There are things in my diaper bag that I would say are necessary, while others would disagree.

My diaper bag:

  • One or two cloth diapers: I try to pick all-in-ones in fun colors and prints so I can show them off if anyone asks (no one ever does). *I pack more if we'll be gone for more than a couple hours.
  • Diaper cover and a couple flats: These are my back up, emergency diapers. Flats are so versatile. I've used them to clean up spills, clean noses, changing pad, whatever! Plus, they don't take up much space!
  • Stack of dry cloth wipes
  • Spray bottle of wipe solution
  • Cloth diaper safe diaper cream
  • Wet bag: I forget this one a lot! I have an abundance of them, but always seem to forget to put a clean when in my bag when I take a dirty one out. This can be dangerous with a gross, poopy diaper on the go!
  • Flushable Liners: This is a new accessory I've discovered! Great for full day outings when I don't have access to a sprayer!

I asked some other cloth diaper experts what their diaper bag cloth diaper necessities are and here's what they had to say!

Julie, My Cloth Diaper Stash
"Wet bag, cloth wipes, mini spray bottle for wipes solution, mini diaper cream (CJ's samples are perfect), hand sanitizer."

Sarah, Life as a Wife, Mummy, and Nurse
"Prefold (to change my daughter on), cloth wipes, wet bag, wool longies/shorties (doubles as a cover and an extra pair of pants), pocket diapers, CJ's Butter (cloth diaper safe and to moisturize my hands)."

Shannon, Mommy of One and Counting
"Wet bag, wipes, diapers for both kids, CJ's or other cloth diaper safe cream, changing pad, and hand sanitizer."

Celeste, Thinking About Cloth Diapers
"Two wet bags, one size cover (at the bottom of my bag for back-up, along with 2 hemp doublers), a small wet bag with cloth wipes (either add water before we go or if I know we're going somewhere where I can change in the bathroom, I don't), plus two more cloth diapers that I think we'll need, a change pad (love my KangaCare one that can get washed with the diapers and they're not bulky at all)."

Amy, Confessions of a Messy Mama
"Wet bag, change of clothes, cloth wipes and wipes solution, diaper rash cream that is safe for cloth diapers, and cloth diapers, of course"

Karine, SAHM of Drama Queens & a Prince
"Extra inserts, wet bag, Grandma El's, a cover, wipes, emergency prefolds, change pad."

Amy, Stay at Home Cloth Diapering Mama
"Wet bags, wipes, CJ's or Scarlett's Hiney Honey, and of course diapers! Also, extra inserts if I'm using an all-in-two."

Savannah, Eight Days a Week
"Wet bag, cloth wipes, mini spray bottle with wipes solution (also good for general messy hand and face cleaning), and a diaper!"

So there you have it! A little trial and error and you'll figure out what you need too! What cloth diaper essentials do you keep in your diaper bag?

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