BabyKicks Love & an Announcement!

Have you tried any BabyKicks products? A few months ago I shared my love for their hemp prefolds for overnight and their Joey Bunz hemp inserts for a microfiber alternative. These are the only products I've tried so far and I'm in love! I have a friend that loves their pocket diapers. I love diapering with natural fibers and can't wait to try more BabyKicks products!

A little background on BabyKicks...
BabyKicks is a family owned business out of Maryland. They have been manufacturing modern cloth diapers and accessories for 12 years using hemp. They are well known for their hemp products. BabyKicks manufactures pocket diapers, prefolds, boosters and doublers, wipes, and receiving blankets. I hear there are new products coming out soon! I'm excited to see what they have in store!

I'm excited to announce that I have been chosen as a BabyKicks Ambassador! My goal is to continue to educate parents about cloth diapers on both this blog and throughout the internet. I will be sharing my knowledge about BabyKicks products, but also about all things cloth diapers. As an ambassador, I hope to bring more awareness and advocacy for cloth diapers! You will hear me talk more about BabyKicks as I get the chance to try more products. Be on the lookout for new product information, reviews about current products, and maybe even the occasional giveaway!

Do you love BabyKicks? What products have you tried? What products do you want to hear more about? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


  1. Would love to try their prefolds or wipes! Hemp is our go to for overnight!

  2. I just recently got a my first BabyKicks diaper and LOVE it. It is so trim between the legs that it fits my son like underwear. It's adorable and I don't need to add extra absorbency. I'm looking forward to more info about them and their products.

  3. I love the Babykicks Hemparoo Washies. They are super soft on the jersey side and they have maintained their softness through many washings. I use them as all around wipes, not for diapering. My DD has had a cold for the past week and I have been using them to wipe her nose. Her nose has not gotten red or irritated from all of the constant wiping.


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