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A Cloth Diaper Story: Joann


The Preschooler - 3 1/2
'Red' - 1 year

About Joann
Work out of the house mom who commutes 3 hours a day in Chicago. Quite 'non-crunchy' except for the whole cloth diaper thing. Has an obsession about strollers. And shoes.

How long have you been cloth diapering?
8 months

Why did you choose to cloth diaper?
I was running into nighttime leaks. Overnights weren't made in his size yet. Going up a size was too big and led to leaks from a different reason. Went with 3 BumGenius Freetimes with Hemp inserts under the flaps for 'nighttime' only. Yeah, that was just like a gateway drug. A few weeks later we were full time cloth diapering.

What diapers are in your stash?
I have a very high love of BumGenius Freetimes. They consistently get very clean, dry quickly, are quite absorbent and are consistently awesome in every way.
I also have Ragababe, Chelory, Thirsties and a BabyKicks.

Almost all are hook and loop. I am in the minority with my H&L love. Which is fine. The more of you who like snaps, the easier it is for me to get my H&L!

Favorite diaper in your stash?
BumGenius, Freetime Hook and Loop Albert

Biggest cloth diapering challenge?
Wash. My goodness the wash routine. I have tried so many things. My daytime diapers are fine but I have ammonia with the nighttime ones. At first it was from too much detergent and gave us ammonia burn. Now, I get strong ammonia with the overnight diapers. I may be onto a solution. Worked once. We'll see if I can keep it up. If I do, I'll reveal the secret weapon.

Favorite thing about cloth diapering?

Least favorite thing about cloth diapering?
The assumption from many in the Cloth Diapering community that it automatically goes hand in hand with things such as attachment parenting, or breastfeeding, etc. One choice is not indicative of others. The sooner that cloth diapering disassociates itself from assumptions in other areas, the more people may feel that it is for them. I really like Cotton Babies philosophy, said best in this blog post by Jennifer Labit.

Favorite piece of parenting or cloth diaper advice?
You're a good mom.

Anything extra you'd like to share?
I like cloth diapering in that it simply provides another choice. It's like Huggies, Pampers, Up&Up, BumGenius, Thirsties, FuzziBunz or any combination of the aforementioned and then some. There is no right or wrong. Just what works for your family.

Thanks Joann for sharing your story!  

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