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Favorite Products for Mom and Baby

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I'm at the point in my life where lots of friends are having their first babies. It's really hard not to want to tell them everything I can all at once about my favorite products and those that I just didn't think were worth it. So, I'm creating a blog post for all those pregnant mamas. This is the non-cloth diaper edition, so this post will be super helpful to all mamas! Of course, these are just my opinions. Some people may completely disagree and that's okay too. This is also just a sampling. I'm sure as soon as this post goes live I'll think of tons of things to add to it!

Baby Bargains Book: There are so many baby products on the market. How in the world do you choose the best brands. Is the $300 car seat really that much better than the one for half the price? This book was a lifesaver. It really helped us navigate the baby registry world. I highly recommend it!

Bamboobies Nursing Pads: I tried the disposable kind, they were okay, but I was cloth diapering and I felt like it was such a waste to use the throw away kind. Someone had given me a package of Nuk reusable pads as a shower gift. They were terrible! I itched like crazy when wearing them. I immediately threw them in the trash and ordered some Bamboobies! Man do I love these! They are super soft, very absorbent, and extremely thin. I never had problems with them showing through my bras. I loved the overnight pads as well.

Aden + Anais Swaddling Blankets: These are the softest blankets in the world! I love how thin and large they are and they have the perfect amount of stretch in them to get a great swaddle! Of course, Chas was always way better at swaddling Noah than I was, but these blankets are perfect for it. Way better than the blankets the hospital uses for swaddling.

Boppy Newborn Lounger: This pillow was a life saver for me when Chas' paternity leave ended. Whenever I needed to take a shower, I would lay the pillow on the floor and Noah would hang out while I got clean. Most of the time he would fall asleep in the pillow. Such a life saver!

Fisher Price Space Saver high chair: We love this high chair! It's great because it doesn't take up any extra space in our dining room. It sits on top of a regular dining room chair and securely fastens onto the chair. It has a great recline feature for a younger baby and can be used as a booster seat once Noah's old enough. My only complaint is the tray is dishwasher safe, but unfortunately it doesn't fit in our dishwasher.

Ergo Baby Carrier: I am confident I would not have gotten as much done in the early months without this thing! Noah would cry in the grocery store and want to be held. He would cry while I tried to cook dinner. It got pretty stressful! Ergo to the rescue! This carrier is extremely comfortable and 100% worth the price. Don't even bother with a Baby Bjorn. Those are bad for your baby's hips and not comfortable at all for mom. Just suck it up and spend the money on a really good carrier. Your back will thank you.

A few notes about some products we tried...

Udder Covers nursing cover: I too was swayed by this amazing deal! Free cover, all you pay is shipping. Save your money, it's not worth it. The fabric was pretty, but it was not very helpful. The cover simply was not wide enough and the rigid neckline didn't hold it's shape. I finally gave up fidgeting with it and just used a large swaddling blanket.

Bumbo chair: Let's set aside the recall issue and just talk about the chair. I used it only a handful of times. I'm not saying don't get one, but if you can borrow from a friend or try to buy one second hand. For as much as we used it, $30 was pricey!

What are your must have baby items? Anything you think is totally worth the price?

If you're looking for the cloth diaper edition, be sure to look back at my Favorite Things series from February. I'll do an updated one in 2013! 

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