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Charlie Banana Review

I'm so excited to announce that I have a new giveaway for you! Charlie Banana was kind enough to send me a one-size diaper and some laundry detergent to review and one of you will be lucky enough to win a diaper and detergent from Charlie Banana as well! Thank you Charlie Banana!

Charlie Banana One-size diaper review
Charlie Banana sent me a one size diaper in black. Charlie Banana one-size diapers are hybrid diapers that fit from about 6-35 pounds. They are pocket style diapers with the opening in the front. Each Charlie Banana one-size diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts, one small and one medium/large. You can use one insert at a time or double stuff the diaper for extra absorbency. Size adjustments are easily made with a bra strap style sliding elastic that are hidden inside the pocket opening. The elastic has the letters S, M, L printed so you can tell which size you have it set to. These are hybrid diapers because you have the option to use the microfiber insert inside the diaper or a biodegradable, bamboo lined disposable insert laid on top of the diaper.

We've been using this diaper for the past couple of months and I love the fit on my son. The back and leg elastic creates a great barrier to prevent any leaks. There isn't a lot of added bulk on the medium setting. It's a pretty trim diaper. I love the black color. We don't have any black diapers in our stash and I quickly realized this was a staple!

What I love!
  • The fit! This was a great fit on my son! 
  • Colors! The Charlie Banana collection has a great selection of colors and adorable prints.
  • Super soft lining! The fleece lining is incredibly soft, even after multiple washings.

What I don't love...
There's not an organic insert option. I'm not a huge fan of microfiber. I would love for Charlie Banana to introduce an insert option made of natural fibers.
Front stuffing pocket. Having a boy, all the wetness is right at the front! I prefer pocket openings in the back of the diaper.

Charlie Banana Laundry Soap Review
Charlie Banana also sent me a full size container of their brand new laundry detergent! One container holds enough powdered detergent to wash 80 loads of laundry! It's safe for cloth diapers and great for using on all of your household laundry. It's free of dyes, perfumes, brighteners, and phosphates. My son has sensitive skin and we didn't have any issues using this detergent.

What I love!
  • Smell! I don't like strong smelling detergents and this one has practically no smell at all.
  • Easy to use. One scoop and you're done! 

What I don't love...
Stains! This detergent didn't do well fighting the stains on my cloth diapers. Just because there are stains doesn't mean the diapers aren't clean! I just sunned my diapers to get the stains out.

Buy it!
You can purchase a Charlie Banana one-size diaper for $20.88 or Charlie Banana laundry soap for $19.99.

Win it!
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win one Charlie Banana one-sized diaper and a container of detergent! You can choose to do as many or as few of the entries as possible.  The winner will be notified by email.  Please be sure to check out my contest rules.  Good luck! Open to US and Canada. ***CLOSED***

All opinions in this review are my own. Charlie Banana did provide me with a diaper and detergent to review, but I received no other form of monetary compensation. 

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