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Back to Basics: One Size Diapers vs. Sized Diapers

One Size Diapers
One-size (OS) diapers fit a range of sizes, usually measured in weight. Many OS diapers fit from about 8-35 pounds, but this can vary depending on the brand. One size diapers have either rise snaps or elastic to  adjust the size.

One diaper could potentially fit the whole time you are diapering a child, "birth to potty training"
Less stash cost
Can be used for multiple children if you have more than one in diapers at a time

May be a bulky fit on a smaller baby
Diapers may wear out faster because you use them continually
Have to spend time adjusting the size as baby grows.
May not fit well on a newborn
Toddler may outgrow the diaper before potty training

Sized Diapers
Another option is to buy diapers that are sized to fit a specific weight range. Some brands, like Thirsties and AppleCheeks, only offer 2 sizes, sizes 1 and 2. Other brands, like Fuzzibunz and Swaddlebees offer small, medium, and large. Sized diapers can be less expensive per diaper, but not always. It depends on the brand.

A more perfect fit
Diapers may not wear as fast for use with multiple children because you use them for shorter periods of time
Can be less expensive per diaper

Have to buy a new stash as your child grows

What about you? 
Do you prefer sized or one-sized diapers? The majority of my stash is one-size diapers and I've loved it from the start! The one-size diapers in my stash fit Noah at 2 1/2 weeks old, 8 1/2 lbs when we started cloth diapering.

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