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Too many wet bags?

How many wet bags do you have in your stash? This was a question recently asked at the Monday night #clothdiapers chat on Twitter. So I fessed up. Six. Then I counted in my head. Seven. Then someone posted about one they had. Oh yeah, I have that one too! Eight.

Eight wet bags in my stash for one child. Is that too many? I use them all, I really do. They all serve their own individual purpose.

Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry BagPlanet Wise hanging wet/dry bag
This is my travel bag. When we go out of town for the weekend this is the wet bag I pack. It takes place of the pail liner and is perfect for a weekend away. It easily holds all of my soiled diapers, hangs nicely on a door knob at the place we're staying or on the hanger hook in the car while traveling, and zips closed to keep the smell contained. I don't really use the dry portion of this bag, but I love the size and the hanging feature.

Planet Wise Medium wet bag

Planet Wise medium wet bag
This is the wet bag I like to keep in my diaper bag. It holds enough diapers, 5 or 6, to get me through a day trip and zips closed to once again, contain the smells. We lead a pretty boring life and don't go out very often, usually a trip to the grocery store. Most days I don't even need to change his diaper while we're running our quick errands, but I usually have this wet bag on hand for the times that I need to.

Planet Wise small wet bag

Planet Wise small wet bag
There is a huge size difference between the small and medium Planet Wise wet bags. I wish this bag were a little bigger. It holds one diaper great, but if I'm desperate I can stuff a second diaper inside as well. I use this wet bag more for holding wet wipes on the go than I do for storing soiled diapers.

GroVia wet bag

GroVia wet bag
This was a gift from this year's Great Cloth Diaper Change! I love free stuff, so of course I wasn't going to turn it away! This wet bag is different from all my others in that it doesn't zip closed. Instead, it has a drawstring. Honestly, I prefer a zipper, but this wet bag doesn't leak and it serves it's purpose. It is about the same size as the medium Planet Wise bag. I loved using the GroVia this summer for our wet swim suits.

Kanga Care/Rumparooz wet bagKanga Care/Rumparooz wet bag
I purposely bought this one to use in the bathroom. Once we started spraying diapers out, we needed a way to store them until laundry day. There isn't enough room in the bathroom for a second diaper pail. I tried using the hanging Planet Wise bag, but it was just too big for what I needed. The Kanga Care bag is definitely full by the time I need to wash diapers, but it is big enough for the couple of days worth of sprayed out diapers. I keep this one hanging on a Command hook next to the toilet, out of the way.

Planet Wise Wipes Pouch

Planet Wise Wipes Pouch
I specifically bought this to drag around wet wipes in my diaper bag. Lately, I have gotten really slack and started using dry wipes and wipes spray when I'm out, but occasionally, I will throw a few wet wipes in the diaper bag. This wipes pouch is perfect for that! Although, if you have a small Planet Wise wet bag, you could use that too. I also found that this bag is great for mama cloth! I just recently started using it for that purpose as well.
Planet Wise Travel wet/dry bag

Planet Wise Travel Wet/Dry Bag
I bought this bag specifically for mama cloth. I have to say I'm a little disappointed. My Pink Daisy cloth pads are just a little too big for the dry portion and I can only squeeze two soiled ones in the wet portion. I prefer to use the wipes pouch or the small wet bag for my mama cloth. This is a great bag though for wet wipes!
Munchkin wet bag

Munckin wet bag
This was a baby gift. I registered for it at Target knowing we were going to use cloth diapers and need a wet bag. Then I bought a couple Planet Wise bags and realized I liked them better. I've never used this bag!

So there you have it. A look into my wet bag addiction. I also have two Planet Wise pail liners that I use in the nursery. It doesn't help my addiction when Planet Wise keeps coming out with new prints! How many wet bags do you have? Anyone have more than me?

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