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Back to Basics: Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diapers
Pocket diapers are some of the most common modern cloth diapers.  When most people learn about modern cloth, bumGenius is one of the most common brands mentioned.

So, what is a pocket diaper?
Pocket diapers have a waterproof outer shell, usually made from polyurethane laminate (PUL) sewn to an inner fabric layer. The inner layer is made to pull away, or wick, any moisture from the baby's skin. The back (or occasionally sometimes the front, depending on the brand) will have an opening where you can stuff an absorbent soaker into the diaper. Many pocket diapers come with inserts that you can use, but you can stuff just about anything inside to make it more absorbent! Pocket diapers come in both sized and one sized diapers.

Absorbency- if your diaper isn't absorbent enough, you can add a second insert or doubler
Versatility - You can choose the insert you want to use. There's no reason you have to use what comes with the diaper.

Unstuffing- When the diaper is soiled you have to pull the insert out of the diaper. Not such a big deal, but it is an extra step.
Stuffing- Once your diapers are washed and clean, you will need to stuff the inserts back into the diaper before use. For a full load of diapers (20ish), this takes me about 15 minutes per load.

A lot of my stash is made with pocket diapers. Here's a list of some of my favorites:

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