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What's in my diaper bag?

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I remember when I was pregnant, I stressed about how I should stock my diaper bag. I read a lot of forums where seasoned moms offered their advice. It's funny the little things we new moms stress over when it comes to uncharted waters! I loved this post from Melissa at Bubbalooch. She shared what was in her diaper bag! How fun is that? So, are you curious about what's in my diaper bag?

I'll admit, it was a mess! I say it was a mess because this was an excellent reason to clean it out! I debated sharing what was in my clean, organized diaper bag, but I think that is unrealistic. I'm going to share with you my messy, disheveled diaper bag because this is what it usually looks like!

  1. Diaper Bag: Skip Hop Duo Deluxe in Pop Flower print - I love this bag! No complaints what-so-ever!
  2. Skip Hop changing mat.
  3. Planet Wise wet bag, medium, in river rock stuffed with bumGenius flannel wipes, bumGenius bottom cleaner, and a clean bumGenius Elemental diaper (in twilight).
  4. Table Toppers- I love having these on hand for the times we decide to eat out. They are perfect for making sure that Noah is eating off of a clean surface, but mostly we love them because they make clean up a breeze! We are not the type of parents that like to leave behind a big mess for our waiters.
  5. Noah's shorts- I also start with the best intentions. I dress him in shirts and shorts, but then he needs a diaper change and I don't bother putting the shorts back on. Why bother with covering up that cute cloth diaper?
  6. CJ's Butter in Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey. 
  7. Half bottle of water.
  8. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
  9. Sample of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion.
  10. Teething Bling necklace covered in Goldfish crumbs.
  11. Snacks! Buddy Fruits and Munchkin snack trapper filled with Goldfish.
  12. Apple juice boxes because you never know when you'll need them.
  13. Wallet- practically empty because everything I need is in my wristlet, but there are a couple insurance cards and gift cards floating around still.
  14. Bib - it may be clean, it may be dirty. Who knows?
  15. Sun hat for Noah.
  16. Wristlet made by Sweet Sparrow. I had this custom made after Noah was born. I wanted something that could hold my keys, tiny Bible, debit card and cash when I wasn't with Noah. I didn't want to use a full size purse though because I wanted it to throw into my diaper bag for the times I was with him.
  17. Various receipts, coupons, appointment cards, vaccination record, etc. The majority of these got thrown away after this picture.
So that's it! That's what's in my bag! I can honestly say that with the exception of the crushed Goldfish in the bottom of the bag and all of the old receipts, I do use all of this stuff! 

What's in your bag! If you have a blog, you can link up! If not, I'd love for you to share a picture on Facebook or Twitter!

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