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Swim Diaper Comparison

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I'm excited to announce that I'm a participating blogger in the Kelly's Closet Beach Bash! Kelly's Closet is my all time favorite cloth diaper retailer, so I'm honored to be a part of the summer celebration! To keep in the theme of summer, I'm going to compare our two favorite swim diapers with you, Bummis Swimmi and Applecheeks!

Size 1 (7-20 lbs) or Size 2 (18-40 lbs)

AppleCheeks Swim Diaper

We have a size 1 Applecheeks in Siesta Key. At the beginning of the summer, Noah weighed 20 lbs. The swim diaper fit perfectly even though he was at the top of the weight range. About a month into use, I began only snapping one snap on each side and it worked well. Now, three months into the Summer, Noah weighs 23 lbs. He can still wear the diaper, but it was beginning to fit pretty snuggly.  AppleCheeks makes a size 2, but instead of purchasing a whole new swim diaper, I bought the waist extenders. I love this accessory! It has extended the use of this diaper for the rest of the summer! Hooray! You do lose some of the cuteness, but the diaper is still just as functional.

I love that this swim diaper doesn't hold in water. I never end up with a sagging pocket of water in between his legs. This tends to be a problem with using an unstuffed pocket diaper. The AppleCheeks swim diaper is made to let the water pass through. I worried the ruffled edges would look too girly, but honestly they don't and many times he is wearing swimming trunks over the swim diaper anyway.

Snap (no aplix snagging on our clothes) 
Cute colors
Can extend the size by adding waist extenders

No prints available
Limited selection of colors
Sizing can be difficult, if at the small end of the weight range the diaper may be baggy

Bummis Swimmi
Small (9-15 lbs), Medium (15-22 lbs), Large (22-30 lbs), X-Large (>30 lbs)

Bummis Swimmi Swim Diaper

We have a medium Bummis Swimmi in the Camping Critters print. This fabric is adorable! The medium has been the perfect size all summer long. Despite the fact that he is now 23 pounds, the medium still fits perfectly. This swim diaper tends to hold in water. When we are playing in the our backyard baby pool, I like to take the diaper off before bringing Noah inside so we don't spill water all over the floor. The aplix is very strong on this diaper! I don't think that a curious baby could undo it, but Noah has never tried. 

Aplix is very strong
Many print options available for both girls and boys
Many size choices for a perfect fit

No solid colors available
Tends to hold water 

I really love both of these diapers and we've enjoyed using them equally this summer. If I had to choose one, I would probably choose AppleCheeks. Although, I think the Bummis is an excellent choice as well! You can purchase both of these swim diapers at Kelly's Closet. So buy a swim diaper or two and some sunscreen or a new wet bag and you're all set for some summer fun!
Do you have a reusable swim diaper? Which is your favorite brand?

Kelly's Closet is giving you a chance to enter to win a Beach Bash prize pack. It comes with a swim diaper, so be sure to head over to their blog and enter!  You can also enter below to win a $15 gift certificate to Kelly's Closet! You can use it to buy a new swim diaper or anything else your fluffy heart desires!

Curious what other cloth diaper essentials you need for summer? I have created a Pinterest board of Cloth Diaper Summer Essentials, swim diapers included! Follow me on Pinterest and check out my board! You can increase you chances of winning of this giveaway by creating your own Pinterest board and using the guidelines below.

Cloth Diapering Summer Essentials Pinterest Contest


I am part of the Kelly’s Closet Blogger Beach Bash.  Kelly’s Closet sent me a Swaddlebees Capri diaper cover for my participation in the campaign.  To see a complete list of bloggers who are participating visit the Kelly’s Closet blog.  

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