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Cloth Diaper Snob - I'm a cloth diaper snob and I'm not afraid to admit it! 

The first time I met my husband, he didn't like me. It's okay. I didn't like him either. He thought I was a snob, I thought he was weird. It all worked out because the next time we met, there was instant attraction and magic. I no longer thought he was weird and he still reminds me that I have a bit of that snobby cheerleader left in me from high school. Ouch. It only hurts because it's true. I can still be somewhat of a snob, particularly when it comes to food, but especially when it comes to diapers.

I've shared what's in my stash and I've written about the "other basket". I like to play it safe. If it's not a well-known brand, I am very hesitant to try it. I used to enter every cloth diaper giveaway known to man and now, not so much. I'm much pickier.  One of my first giveaway wins was two "China cheapies" (read this one and this one too). They were passed off to be hand-sewn diapers by a mom. Once I got them, it was quick to see there was nothing special about them. Many cloth diapering moms love these types of inexpensive diapers. The problem I have with them is when a company leads you to believe they are doing the sewing in their home in Anyplace, USA and charges significantly more than the retail value. That doesn't seem very ethical. Not to mention all the issues discussed in the articles above.

I'm even hesitant about buying diapers off of Etsy or Hyena Cart. I'm sure there are some amazing diapers out there. Some very talented WAHMs have some gorgeous and phenomenal diapers, but I'm scared. These diapers cost A LOT of money. If it's not a name I recognize with rave reviews, I usually turn my nose up. In my cloth diaper circle of friends, Chelory has become a coveted brand. I don't have any yet, but my friends love them. Maybe it's time I gave them a shot. At least I know someone who loves them, someone who can vouch for their awesomeness.

Until I bite the bullet, I'll stick to my trusted brands. You know, the ones that stock at Kelly's Closet.

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