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Back to Basics: How to prep cloth diapers

I've decided to do a new series called Back to Basics. Each week I will feature a post that is basic cloth diapering knowledge. If you are new to cloth, I hope these posts will be super helpful for you! First up, how to prep your cloth diapers!

When you first purchase your cloth diapers, you'll want to wash them before use. Most manufacturers provide directions for use, but here are some basic instructions.

Synthetic Fibers (Microfiber, minky, etc.)
If you've purchased a diaper with synthetic fibers it needs one wash before use. The purpose of this wash is to get any of the packaging dirt off and to make sure it is clean before putting against your baby's skin. The absorbency of the diaper is not going to improve after multiple washes, so it's good to go from the get go. You don't have to use detergent in this first time wash, but I always do.

Natural Fibers (Hemp, bamboo, cotton, etc.)
Diapers made with natural fibers will become more absorbent after multiple washes. You'll want to wash these 3-5 times before use. I usually stick with 3 and just know that it may not be as absorbent just yet. It's important to wash these in hot water and not with your other cloth diapers until they are fully prepped. Natural fibers contain oils that can cause build up on your other diapers. This can lead to leaking. I usually throw these diapers in with a load of towels or sheets, anything that is being washed hot.

Covers and shells
I follow the same rules as synthetic fibers when dealing with covers and shells. Just one quick wash to get rid of any packaging residue to make sure it's clean before putting on baby.

Note: Please remember to consult your manufacturer recommendations when washing your cloth diapers! 

What other topics would you like to see covered in the Back to Basics series?

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