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Back to Basics: Cloth Diaper Safe Creams

One of the first rules you must learn when cloth diapering, is to be sure to use a cloth diaper safe rash cream. Most mainstream, common diaper rash creams can wreak havoc on your diapers. So how do you know if it's a cloth diaper safe cream? What will happen if you use something not approved? Keep reading for all the facts!

Diaper creams that contain cod liver oil create a great barrier on your child's tush and on your cloth diapers! The cream can cause repelling from the creamy barrier on the fabric. You will have to strip, strip, strip your diapers to get them clean. Destin and A&D ointments both contain cod liver oil.

What are some safe creams?
CJ's Butter
Grandma El's
GroVia Magic Stick

It is important to note that many cloth diaper manufacturers state that no cream is safe, even cloth diaper approved ones, and can void the warranty. I have always successfully used my cloth diaper safe creams with no problems, but if you are a strict rule follower, you have options. Liners are a great solution for the times you need to diaper cream. I do not recommend using non cloth diaper safe creams even with a liner. The risk is too high in my opinion that the cream could still get on your diapers. If you choose to use a non cloth diaper safe cream or have a very bad rash to clear up, disposable diapers can be a wonderful solution. Slather that cream on and cover with a disposable diaper. You'll save your cloth from destruction and heal your baby. Honestly, the most important thing is a healthy, comfortable baby.

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