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Wooly Rounds Review and Giveaway!

Fabric Softener was my weakness. I couldn't stand a load of clothes washed without it. It made my laundry soft, fluffy, and static free. When I married Chas, he was a strict dryer sheet person. I hated dryer sheets. In fact, I think we still have a partial box that he contributed to our marriage.  It sits on the laundry shelf with every intention of me repurposing the sheets for cleaning.

So, when we started cloth diapering last summer I worried how my fabric softener addiction would affect my diapers. I continued to use it on all of our other laundry knowing that there could be build up left on the walls of the washing machine. I'd heard to wool dryer balls, but never committed to purchasing any. Then I entered a giveaway and won a set of four Wooly Rounds.  I was hooked! I now have seven Wooly Rounds wool dryer balls that I keep in the dryer. I am in love!

Wool dryer balls are balls of felted wool. They are about the size of tennis balls and come in many different colors. The balls separate your clothes during drying which can reduce the dry time by 10-25%. Wooly Rounds are made of 100% local, lanolized wool in Maine. The wool fibers absorb static, toxins, and odors so your clothes are fresh and static free. They last a very long time, many years so you won't be replacing them often.

Wool dryer balls have reduced the amount of time it takes to dry our clothes. I love this because we're saving energy. I'm always looking for a way to cut down our electricity costs. My absolute favorite thing about them is they replace my need for fabric softeners (or dryer sheets). All of our laundry is just as soft, fluffy, and static free as before but without the need of chemicals! This post that Cyndi, from Wooly Rounds, wrote for the DiaperShops blog was a real eye opener for me. I had no idea fabric softeners and dryer sheets were so harmful! I also love being free from having to spend money on fabric softener every month.

Any amount of wool dryer balls in your dryer will help, but 6-8 is optimal to reduce your drying time. You can buy a set from Wooly Rounds for $22.50 for a 3 pack or $36.25 for a 5 pack. Wooly Rounds is graciously sponsoring a giveaway for 3 Wooly Rounds to get you started! Enter below to win! ***CLOSED***

All opinions in this post are completely my own. Wooly Rounds sent me a set of wool dryer balls for reviewing purposes. 

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