Wing Droop

Have you ever heard the term wing droop used to describe cloth diapers? Curious what it is?

This is a picture of wing droop. It is when the sides of the diaper aren't held up and fall below the waist.  It can also be caused by a diaper being too large.  Wing droop can cause leaks. The wing droop in the above picture is caused by the diaper being too big. Noah is wearing a Fuzzibunz Perfect Size in medium. He still hasn't quite grown into it despite being well within the size range. It gaps at the legs and we have serious wing droop when he wears it! 

You can prevent wing droop by buying diapers that fit better or have hip snaps! Side snapping diapers are another great option! Some of my favorite diapers that never give me wing droop are Knickernappies or Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0.

Have you ever experienced wing droop?

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