Microfiber Alternatives

Last week I wrote about microfiber and many of the problems that cloth diapering parents encounter. Today, I'd like to share my favorite alternatives to use in place of microfiber!

Cloth DiapersHemp Babies Doublers: I have never tried these alone. I've always paired them with another insert (either organic or microfiber). They do a wonderful job boosting the absorbency while keeping the diaper trim. Hemp can be expensive, but at $3 a piece, these are great! They fit beautifully in all of my diapers, including some the trimmer ones. I love them for car rides, running errands, and nighttime diapers.

Flat Diapers: I have an abundance of cotton flats. I loved using them in the flats challenge and still will occasionally choose to put Noah in a flat diaper over a modern pocket or all-in-one. For replacing the inserts in my pockets, I pad fold one flat and stuff it inside. Flats can create a pretty bulky diaper, but they are extremely absorbent! I tend to use my flats stuffed inside my abundance of white Fuzzibunz One-Size (old style) and Noah typically wears them around the house. I love that you can adjust the size of these as insert by folding them differently and at less than $2 a piece they are a great option. Another great thing about flat diapers is when you wash them they are a single layer. There is so much less of a chance for ammonia build up!

Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers Plus: Geffen Baby is a fairly new company. I've won two of their Quick Absorbers Plus in giveaways.  They are made from hemp and cotton, are extremely trim, and super absorbent! I love how trim Noah's diapers are when I replace the microfiber when an absorber and they really do hold a ton of them! These fit great in my BumGenius 4.0s, Fuzzibunz Elites, Rumparooz, Fuzzibunz Perfect Size (medium), and Knickernappies One-Size. They are a little pricier though at just under $4 a piece. They can also take quite a while to dry.

BabyKicks Joey-Bunz: I've won 2 of these amazing inserts in a giveaway hosted by BabyKicks. Hemp is amazing if you have a heavy wetter! These are made from a combo of hemp and cotton fleece. They seriously hold of ton of pee! Every time I take a diaper off of Noah after wearing one of these, I am amazed at how heavy it is! I love how trim they are as well. They fit beautifully in all my pockets, including the old style of Fuzzibunz Elites, which are my smallest diapers in width. One downside is the price, over $5 for one! These also take a while to dry, much longer than a microfiber insert.

There are many more options available than the ones listed above. I'd love to get my hands on some Fuzzibunz Organic inserts, Knickernappies Super Do inserts, and some Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds

What have you found works great in your pockets as an alternative to microfiber?

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