Eco Nuts Review

Eco Nuts Review
I started cloth diapering following all the rules. I wasn't comfortable straying from them. So when it came time to choose a detergent, of course I wanted something cloth diaper safe. I also wanted something that didn't cost a fortune. So I settled on Planet. I had no complaints with Planet. It worked for me. Then my local store stopped carrying it. I had to switch detergents. This terrified me because so many cloth diaper parents complain about finding a good detergent that doesn't cause issues. At the time, many bloggers were posting about the successes they were having washing their diapers in Tide. So, I switched to Tide Original. I liked that I could buy it practically anywhere. My son didn't react to it and my diapers were clean. There was one small problem, it's not considered cloth diaper safe. Using Tide voids many warranties. This is a problem. I continued to use Tide successfully, but began looking for a new cloth diaper safe solution.  Enter Eco Nuts laundry soap nuts.
Eco Nuts Review
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Eco Nuts is not your typical laundry detergent. There are no chemicals. It's not even something manufactured or created by some scientist in a lab. Eco Nuts soap nuts are actually berries that are grown in the Himalayas. The berries naturally produce a soap that cleans away dirt and lifts stains. Since there are no chemicals, Eco Nuts are great for families dealing with sensitive skin and eczema.

I started using Eco Nuts on my diapers, but quickly made the switch to using them on all of our laundry. Our clothes are clean, stain free, soft, fluffy and smell great! I love that my laundry room is cleaner because I don't have multiple bottles of detergent taking up space. My absolute favorite thing about Eco Nuts is I'm saving water! One downside to using cloth diapers is the amount of water it takes to wash a load of diapers. Pre-rinse. Hot Wash. Rinse. Extra Rinse. Gallons of water gone. My water bill reflects it too. Since Eco Nuts isn't a typical detergent it's eliminating the need for the second rinse cycle! There is no left over soap in my diapers even without the second rinse. (You may need the extra rinse cycle depending on your water type). I recently read on another blog that one of the downsides to using soap nuts is you have to search for the bag of nuts before putting the clothes in the dryer. I have dried my soap nuts countless times and it's fine! There is no reason it should cause issues. Of course, if I see the bag I grab it, but if not, I don't worry about it. And because Eco Nuts comes with two bags, I don't have to worry about finding the first one to start another load.

You may think that Eco Nuts is not a cost effective option for you. I love this chart breaking down the cost and additives of many mainstream detergents. It was a real eye opener for me!
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You can learn more about Eco Nuts from their website. Are you ready to make the switch? You can buy a large box of Eco Nuts for $34.95 (360 loads) or a trial size box for $4 (10 loads).  Even better Eco Nuts is giving away a medium size box (100 loads)! Enter below to win! ***CLOSED***

All opinions in this post are my own. Eco Nuts did provide me with a box of soap nuts for reviewing purposes. I fully intend to purchase more EcoNuts for all of my laundry needs! 
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