Broken Washing Machine

Why is it when things go wrong, it all happens at the same time! I'm having a rough day. Last week I bought the domain name to this blog and even since then some of you haven't been able to see my posts. This is super frustrating! I'm hoping by tomorrow, a week later, things will be worked out. I went shopping today for supplies for Noah's 1st birthday party and forgot my 40% coupon for the craft store. I have a to do list a mile long, but the worst part of my day had to be the washing machine. It broke.

Why is it that washing machines always seem to break in the middle of washing cloth diapers?! I tweeted about my frustrations and multiple mamas tweeted back that the same thing has happened to them before. I haven't washed diapers since Thursday! We were out of town this weekend, so the diaper laundry (and regular laundry) pile is pretty large at this point. Thank goodness for having such a large stash! I have enough pockets to get me through another day without washing and plenty of flats to get me through 2 more days.

The problem is my dirty diapers! Do I really want them to sit that long? This morning I started a load of diapers. They made it through the agitation cycle, but then the washer died. So the rest of the day that sat in the dirty water soaking. Unfortunately, I forgot to switch the temperature to hot, so they were only in cold water all day. We took each one out of the cold, nasty water and wrung it out as best as we could by hand. If you're ever doubting how absorbent your cloth diapers are let them soak for a few hours! 

A repairman is coming in the morning. Hopefully he will have it fixed tomorrow. I really don't want my diapers to sit any longer than they already have. At this point, I will have 2-3 loads of diapers and 2-3 loads of clothes! Yikes! 


  1. I'm sorry your washing machine broke! If one has to break, you always want it to be the dryer. It's the one you can get by without!

    Didn't you do the flats challenge? At least you know how to wash those by hand! ;)


  2. Sorry your washing machine is broken! That sucks. How about washing by hand? Super easy with flats, but I've also done some pockets that way and it's not too bad.

    1. I did it with the flats challenge. I COULD do it, but 5 days of diapers would be torture! I would do it if I had to though. Luckily, the washer is fixed now!

  3. Nowadays, we just full the washer with clothes, detergent and then switch it on and the washer does the rest automatically. But sometime when we did not used it in appropriate way then it will face some problem. So when the washer is turned on, you need to fill the tub with correct amount of water. And when the wash cycle is over, the clothes are rinsed with fresh water and then dry it.


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