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To Sell or Not to Sell...

I have a great stash of diapers. Plenty... I don't need any more diapers. (I can't believe I am admitting this...) Although, I always want more diapers. I wash my diapers every couple of days, but could easily wash every four or five days. I keep my diapers nice and organized in 5 different baskets. There's a basket of flats, a basket of Fuzzibunz, a basket of Flips for overnight, a basket of Bumgenius mixed with various other brands, and then there's the basket I never touch. What's in this basket you ask? A miscellaneous assortment of diapers I never use. I tried them at first and either never fell in love or completely disliked them from the get go. I just couldn't get them to work for us. So I stuck them in a basket of their own and never looked back.

There are only 8 diapers, of four different brands. People rave about them. I'm sure they work great for other babies. So, that leaves me with this. What do you do with the diapers you don't use? Sell them? Donate them? Or keep them?

I've decided to keep them. I just can't seem to part with them! Sure, I could sell them and buy some more of the diapers I love, but do I really want to part with them? What if they fit my son better once he's older? What if they are a perfect fit on my next baby?

I have to admit, I'm kind of torn. I don't want to deal with the hassle of selling them. They are all in great shape, barely used. I did loan a few of them out to a friend who was new to cloth. She felt pretty much the same way I do about them. I doubt I will I ever know if they are a great fit on Noah now because I never reach for them. If they sold for the resale value of a Ragababe or an AppleCheeks, of course I would sell them. Unfortunately, none of these diapers are selling for more than the retail value of a new one.

What do you do with diapers you don't use?

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