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No more pins! Snappi Review

When I first told my friends and family about our plans to use cloth diapers I got a lot of comments about plastic pants and diaper pins. I proceeded to gush about modern cloth diapers and how none of those things were necessary. I purchased a stash full of pockets and all-in-ones. Fast forward 6 months into my cloth diaper obsession and I desperately wanted to try flat diapers. I was curious about the "old school" way of cloth diapering. I decided if I was a true cloth diaper advocate (and addict) I really needed to educate myself on all types of cloth diapers. So I purchased a set of flat diapers and a Snappi diaper fastener.

I wasn't brave enough to try diaper pins. I am a pretty clumsy person and I have a very wiggly son. The thought of trying to fasten a flat diaper on him the right way with a diaper pin horrified me. I imagined both of us screaming in pain and blood all over the diapers from us being stuck by the inability to use the old-fashioned diaper pins. I even won a set of diaper pins in a giveaway. It took me a couple days to figure out how they even opened!

I am so thankful for the invention of the Snappi!  It is a inexpensive, easy way to fasten a diaper onto your baby! I can do it one handed and neither one of us fears getting hurt every time. My diapers always end up with a snug fit. I don't have to worry about fidgeting with the fastener for 5 minutes to get a tight grasp on the diaper.

The teeth on the Snappi secure it to the diaper in 3 places and as long as you have enough layers of fabric between your baby's skin and the teeth you don't have to worry about them scratching the skin. The teeth can be pretty sharp, so one of my favorite features on the Snappi is the extra safety feature. The ends have edges that pull back over the teeth when not in use. This is a great feature because my son loves to get his hands on my Snappis during diaper changes. It's also great to keep your Snappi from attaching to things in the diaper bag.

Snappis come in some great colors! I love how this blue Snappi perfectly matches my Swaddlebees flat diapers!

Have you ventured beyond modern cloth diapers? Are you afraid to try flat diapers and prefolds because of diaper pins? You can purchase Snappis here for just $3.95 a piece or enter to win one below!***CLOSED***

This giveaway is sponsored by SnappiBaby. All opinions are my own and I did not receive monetary compensation. SnappiBaby did send me a product for reviewing purposes.

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