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Free Chicken, Cows & Cloth Diapers

Are you ready for Cow Appreciation Day? On Friday, July 13th, Chick-fil-A restuarants all over the nation will be celebrating Cow Appreciation Day! Dress up like a cow and get free Chick-fil-A! You can visit the Chick-fil-A website for more details and even some downloads to help you dress your family like a cow. I want to share some awesome cloth diapers to help you as well! What's better than raising awareness about modern cloth than showing off your baby's cute fluffy bum and getting free food for it!

Here's a list I complied to help you be prepared!

Storm discontinued, but look for Storm Reborn

Blueberry cow prints discontinued

Midnight discontinued, look at Avignon

This post is 100% my opinions and not affiliated with Chick-fil-A. I really just like their food and cloth diapers. This post does contain affiliate links with Kelly's Closet.  All procedures from any purchases made go to the support of this blog.

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