How to connect with other cloth diaper moms

Updated February 11, 2013

When I started cloth diapering, I was all alone. I didn't know anyone that used cloth diapers and none of my pregnant or mom friends were ready to jump on board with me. I didn't have a friend to help me get started,  troubleshoot the leaks, or answer my thousands of questions. I'm sure my cloth diaper journey would have been much easier if I had a mentor along the way. I remember in the early days of cloth diapering whining to my husband, Chas. I just wished that I could call someone to come over and help me troubleshoot why my diapers were leaking, a cloth diaper fairy! It seemed that every time I changed a diaper, I was also changing his outfit and mine. I wanted help and had no one to turn to!

Not only did I wish I had someone to help me navigate the cloth diapering world, but I wanted someone to gush with me about how cute my son was in a cloth diaper. I didn't feel like anyone cared when I posted on my Facebook page about how in love I was with my cloth. They couldn't begin to understand my obsession. In their minds, I was crazy. Heck, I'll admit, I am a little crazy, but aren't all cloth diaper moms a little obsessed?

So what do you do when your husband is tired of hearing about the cutest prints, newest styles, and your fluffy wish list? What do you do when your friends tune you out when you blab on and on about your amazing cloth diapers? You find new friends! You don't have to replace your old friends of course. You keep your old friends because you love them for other reasons, but also so you can continue to gush about your diapers in the hope that they will convert to cloth too.

My first step was to reach out to the online cloth diapering community. I was pregnant when I began finding new friends. I wanted to be prepared for the journey ahead when our son was born.  My first set of cloth diapering friends came from Facebook. I found a page that had wonderful employees and awesome fans to help answer any and every cloth diaper question I could ask!  As I was buying different diapers, researching my options, and prepping for his arrival, I would head over to the Kelly's Closet Facebook page and ask for advice! I learned so much and felt like I knew some of the moms on that page.

Then I began to enter giveaways. I didn't have a Twitter account, but I quickly discovered I could get so many more entries if I just opened an account to follow businesses and tweet about their giveaway. This led to Twitter Parties. What started as an extra entry, quickly became finding new friends. I have met some wonderful cloth diapering mamas on Twitter. We check in with each other almost daily and talk about anything and everything. I love hearing about the new diapers they've tried, but also learning about their lives, and truly becoming friends.

Lately, Facebook groups have become a popular outlet. There are a ton of cloth diaper groups on Facebook. Join one! Just be careful, they aren't all created equal, but go ahead and join. If you find yourself not connecting in that group, move on to another until you find the perfect fit! You can find me chatting daily about cloth diapers, offering up advice, looking at stash shots, etc. on the Cloth Diaper Support Group.

So reach out and make some new friends! Attend the Monday night #clothdiaper chats on Twitter (9 pm EST), find a Facebook page and jump in on the conversations, search for a message board about cloth diapers. You may even be able to make some new friends locally! I recently discovered another cloth diapering mom from one of the Facebook pages is in the same town as me! Check out your local cloth diaper boutiques. They may have a monthly meet up.

But again, don't give up on your old friends! Since I began cloth diapering over 2 years, my constant talk of cloth has gotten six of my friends on board and more pop up each time someone gets pregnant!

Where do you go to chat about cloth diapers?

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