To the blogger who told my wife it was okay to soak overnight diapers in the sink

Dear blogger who told my wife it was okay to soak overnight diapers in the sink,

I do not like you. What person in their right mind would put a urine soaked piece of cloth into a device that is specifically made for sanitation, primarily hand washing. Don't give me that malarkey about how urine is sterile. It may very well be sterile, but this is America and not some third world country.  Washing your hands in a urine contaminated sink may be fine for you and my wife, but it is not for me.

What if we have unexpected guests who need to use our facilities? You never know who could show up at your door and need to use your bathroom. Mormons. Jehovah's Witnesses. Kirby salesmen. Girl Scouts. All of these people have bladders and will need to use the bathroom at some point or another. Hopefully they would want to wash their hands afterwards.

Let me draw you a word picture. You use the bathroom. Depending on your gender you either shake or wipe. You go to the sink to wash your hands. Oh wait, what's this? It's a sink full of water with those big overnight diapers that my wife uses floating at the top. Why is this not in a wet bag somewhere? Why not soak it in the toilet instead of the sink?

Is this a normal thing for you cloth diaper moms or is this just my wife and the person who told her to do it? I find it repulsive. It's not just that, the other day I went into our bathroom and found a sink full of overnight diaper and a folded Fuzzibunz next to it with poop in it. I know that my lovely wife is busy, but why would you leave that stuff there? It's human waste for gosh sakes. It should be disposed of or flushed down the toilet, possibly even composted, but not laid next to the place where you wash your hands. This is wrong and I vehemently object.

How would you go about telling the impromptu Girl Scout or Mormon missionary that your sink is full of human excrement? Do you apologize? Do you direct them to the master bathroom in your bedroom? Or do you tell them they can't use your facilities? If you tell them they can't use your facilities what reason do you give them? Sorry our bathroom is broke? We don't have a bathroom? Our bathroom is for white, Methodists only? NO! I believe that all of God's children should be able to enter our house and use our facilities.

This is why I am taking a stand against soaking cloth diapers in the sink.  If you agree please comment on my wife's blog so that she will know this is not okay. Thank you to cloth diaper moms who agree with me and disagree with my wife and the blogger who told my wife it was okay to do this.

The Cloth Diapering Dad

This is in response to my solution for my diapers that stink in the morning, in case you missed it!

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  1. LOL! this made me fall off my couch! Go Chas!!!

  2. I also rinse and wring my overnight diapers in the bathroom sink. Followed by washing my hands, which is followed by spraying the sink with Bac-out. It's helped my diaper laundry immensely! And I consider my sink clean when I'm finished. ;)

  3. Lol ....... I swear this sounds like my husband..

  4. So funny! I am literally laughing out loud, my husband seems very confused at what is so funny!

  5. I don't see anything wrong with it except that the housemate objects. How about a small wet pail on top the dryer. It can be dumped in the toilet and diapers can still be wrung out there, but you don't have to stick your hands the the toilet...Which I find infinitely grosser than rinsing in a sink. If I remember right soaking in the toilet was the man's suggested alternative?

  6. If he doesn't like the diapers next to the sink, why doesn't HE clean them so they don't sit there?

  7. My husband is the one who piles them in the sink. Drives me nuts! I want them rinsed, wrung out and in the bag right away.

  8. LMAO. My husband is a SAHD and he piles the diapers up next to the sink too. I don't blame him -- I do the same thing from time to time when I'm home with the kids on weekends. They are busy little kids and for some reason can master the concept of "time to leave", but can't master "wait ONE MINUTE." Still, I don't like the concept of dirty diapers next to my sink either.
    We have a 5 gallon bucket sitting in the bathroom that we soak diapers in. There is enough room so that you don't have to fill it up all the way (prevents spills), and once you snap on the lid the smell is contained.


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