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Tips for Nighttime Cloth Diapers

The most common complaint I hear of when people switch to cloth diapers is nighttime leaking. Many parents choose to use disposable diapers at night because they just don't trust their cloth diapers. I'll admit, until you find a solution, it is extremely frustrating to get up in the middle of the night with a screaming baby.  The sheets are soaked, the pajamas are soaked, the baby is mad, and you are exhausted! I've found the perfect solution for me is a Flip cover, with a Flip organic insert, and a Hemp Babies doubler.  I fold the hemp into thirds and place it behind the organic insert in the spot where my son pees the most. This combo has yet to fail me! It has lasted us 15 hours before and had room to absorb more if needed!

Here are some tips to keep your baby dry at night:
  • Natural Fibers - they tend to be more absorbent. Hemp is your friend! I also love organic cotton and bamboo. Wool covers are also great for keeping your baby dry.  Microfiber can lead to compression leaks. 
  • Fitteds - fitted diapers are wonderful for absorbency as well. 
  • Multiple layers - a single layer of anything in a diaper is probably not going to hold out all night long unless you have a baby that just doesn't pee very much.
  • Fleece pajamas - the fleece helps wick away any moisture from potential leaks.

Don't give up! If you find that the diaper you are using isn't working, ask around for a new solution, and try something else! I promise, there are wonderful cloth diapers for nighttime!  Be sure to check out Kelly's Closet selection of nighttime solutions!

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