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A rebuttal.

Yesterday my darling husband posted a letter in response to my solution to the stink in my morning diapers.  I would like to defend myself :)

It started innocently, me quickly rinsing diapers in the sink and getting them to the pail, but then I realized my morning would go much smoother if I just let them soak until morning naptime.  Sure, on occasion I have gotten busy and forgotten they were in there, but by the end of the day or sooner the diaper always makes it to the diaper pail.  I have been sick this week, bronchitis, and my dear sweet husband has been working from home to help me out.  So yesterday, he took the morning diaper and placed it in the toilet to soak. Gross.  And what did I wake up to this morning?  The same diaper still soaking in the toilet.  Hmm.  I mean what if someone needed to use our bathroom?  Wait. Wasn't that his claim?  And who comes to our house anyway?  And why are we letting strangers inside?  Is he crazy?

And regarding the Fuzzibunz he mentioned, that was a one time deal.  I'm busy sometimes.  The baby is crying, the laundry needs to be done, and someone has to cook dinner around here.  There's some days I forget.  Surely he can understand that considering the diaper from yesterday that was in the toilet this morning. It's not always easy being a stay at home mom.  Just ask Chas who was struggling yesterday trying to do my job while I was sick.

And the whole soaking in the bathroom sink problem could easily be solved if he would just install a laundry sink for me. I rest my case.

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