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Morning Stink Update!

A few weeks ago I posted about a problem I was having with morning stink.  After asking around I finally found an answer!  Before I would take off his nighttime diaper and throw it straight into the diaper pail.  It sat there until I did my next load of laundry.  Sometimes it would have to wait one full day, other times it would sit for two.  I've very good about washing diapers every couple of days.

The solution I found was to rinse my nighttime diapers in the morning.  Ever since I started doing this my problem is solved! In the mornings, once I change his diaper, I rinse the Flip Organic insert and my Hemp Babies doubler in the sink and wring out the excess water.  At first I was grossed out by the wringing out method, but it's necessary considering the amount of liquid both of those items can hold, and I quickly got over it.

I'll admit, some mornings are a little more hectic and I will let it soak in the bathroom sink until I can get Noah down for his morning naps.  Chas, the cloth diapering dad, prefers to let it soak in the toilet.  This method is not preferred by me! I'd rather fish a diaper out of the sink than a toilet!  It does add a couple extra steps to my day.  First, rinsing.  Second, cleaning the sink after.  But, I'm happy to report problem solved!

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