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Easier or Better?

A guest post by Chas, the Cloth Diapering Dad for the Real Diaper Week blog hop hosted by The Eco Chic.

What could your adorable little baby’s crap and a Dodge caravan full of cross-dressing lumber jacks have in common? By the time little Susie Q is out of diapers her excrement and the disposable diapers that hold it will weigh about the same as a minivan of overweight men heading to a rocky horror picture show… and I’m not sure which one of those two things is scarier.

With the help of my lovely wife and other devoted cloth diaper evangelists more and more people are realizing that their kids’ dukes don’t just magically disappear when the garbage man comes on Monday. That stuff goes somewhere and most likely where it’s going is your landfill where it will sit until Susie Q gets her PhD in Philosophy or some other worthless degree that isn’t going to support you when you’re old.

We have a pretty good system for disposing of human waste in our country. Granted that it’s not perfect, but if our sewage and waste water treatment systems are good enough to take care of President Obama’s #2 than it should be good enough for Suzy Q… so suck it up, buy a diaper sprayer and do what you have to in order to protect the resources that God has given us to be steward’s over.
I believe that most of us in this country, myself included, are addicted to convenience.  As I have gotten older I’ve learned that just because something is easier doesn’t mean it’s better. Going to a drive through and loading up on artery clogging death in a bag is a whole lot easier than going to the grocery store and cooking a healthy meal, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.  I’m not going to argue that cloth is as convenient as disposable diapers because they aren’t, but while cloth may not be as convenient what it does offer is a viable alternative that is easy to use, requires a little extra work, but could save you thousands of dollars and keep thousands of pounds of human waste out of our landfills. So if you haven’t made the switch give cloth a try. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. 

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