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Babies aren't expensive.

People say babies are expensive.  I'm sure in the grand scheme of things they are.  By the time you raise them and put them through college the amount of money spent is ridiculous, but honestly, we JUST started spending money on our 8 month old.

Prior to his birth, most of the things we needed were given to us as gifts.  We were also given quite a few hand me downs and I just recently started buying clothes for him because we have outgrown all the gifts and hand me down clothes.  I make all of our baby food with the exception of juice and yogurt, and we don't waste money on disposable diapers!

Photobucket We did buy all of our cloth diapers.  I wish I had registered for them as baby gifts, but honestly, I don't think anyone would have bought them for us anyway.  I don't think most people thought we would stick with it.  We have spent a few hundred dollars on all the diapers in our stash.  About half of them I have gotten for free.  The Eco Chic writes about how you can cloth diaper for $50 or even free!

I think so many parents just assume they will have to spend thousands of dollars on diapers.  How many times have you heard someone comment to an expecting couple "Better start saving up for diapers?"  Guess what! You don't have to spend thousands of dollars per child on diapers! You can buy cloth diapers for your first child are reuse them for all the babies you have after that!

When we decided to cloth diaper I couldn't get the image of throwing away money when thinking of disposable diapers out of my mind.  My husband and I joked that you might as well wipe your baby with dollar bills.  So I encourage you whether you are on your first baby or even your last, it's not too late! The resell value of cloth diapers is amazing! And let's be honest it's better for your wallet, your baby, and the environment!

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