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How to Score Free Diapers! Part Two: Retailer Loyalty

Last week I started a series on how to get free diapers and shared my first tip! Be sure to check it out if you missed it!

Number Two: Retailer Loyalty
Find a retailer you love and stick with them! Most cloth diaper retailers offer reward points.  They all have a name for them, stash cash, reward points, etc. Every time you make a purchase from their company you earn some time of reward which can be exchanged for a monetary amount that you can spend at their store.  In order to build the points up quickly, stick with one store! If you split your purchases among multiple retailers it will take longer for the reward to build up!

I have cashed in on this twice with two different stores.  The first bit of cloth we bought was at a local boutique.  They offered a $10 store credit after purchasing $250 worth of products from their store.  It didn't take long to the get to the $250 and I cashed it in on some nursing pads that I ended up hating when I should have used it for some cloth diapers! Oh well, lesson learned!  Shortly after my first cloth diaper purchase at this store, I discovered Kelly's Closet.  I could go on and on about the million reasons why I love Kelly's Closet, but I'll save that for another blog post.  I dropped my local boutique and starting buying all my diapers from Kelly's Closet instead.  Quickly, my points started growing and Black Friday came.  By then, I had earned a $30 gift certificate and the new Fuzzibunz Elites were on sale for around $15.  I scooped up two for less than a dollar a piece.  I realize that technically that's not free, but you get the point.  I'm building back up my reward points again.  It helps to take advantage of times when the retailer offers double or triple reward points on an order.  And of course, the more often you order and the more money you spend, the quicker you will get to a reward.

There are some downfalls to this sticking with one retailer.  When your favorite retailer is out of stock of something you really need you may have to look elsewhere if you can't wait.  I did stray from Kelly's Closet to purchase a couple things for the Favorite Things Giveaway.  I need the Flip Organic and they had been out of stock for a very long time.  I found them in stock at another retailer and took advantage of it there.  So I started earning their reward points that I never cashed in!

Does your favorite retalier offer reward points?  Be sure to look into it, you may be entitled to some free fluff!  Be sure to check back this week when I'll be offering up my next tip on how to get some free fluff for your stash!

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