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How to score free diapers! Part One: Giveaways and Contests

I have over 50 diapers in my stash and 23 of those diapers cost me nothing.  The retail value of those 23 diapers is roughly $460.  You could say that I have a lot of luck, but some of those diapers required no luck at all! There are multiple ways to get free diapers and you should be taking advantage of them!

Number One: Giveaways and Contests
There are a ton of eager bloggers, including myself, who giveaway free diapers to increase traffic to their blogs.  When I started entering cloth giveaways Rafflecopter wasn't very common.  You had to enter a ton of different comments for each entry.  It was time consuming and annoying, but worth every click! It also wasn't that bad considering you didn't know about the alternative that was going to take over the blogging world.  Now almost all giveaways use Rafflecopter for easy entry.  It takes just a minute or two to enter the giveaways.  That short minute or two out of your day can equate to one or two free diapers for you!

Following the blogs of your favorite retailers will provide a good start.  Diaper Junction, Kelly's Closet, and more provide a weekly giveaway.  Manufacturers also regularly do giveaways.  Every Thursday Thirsties sponsors a giveaway and every Tuesday Cotton Babies does too!  Of course, there's the tons of cloth diaper bloggers out there! To get started with those, I suggest you check out  Each Friday, she post links to all the cloth giveaways available.

My suggestion: If you don't have a Twitter account, get one! Even if it's just for cloth diapering purposes, it will get you a couple extra entries in each giveaway.  You don't actually have to start tweeting for anything else.

This is just one way to score free fluff! I will be posting other ways soon!
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