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How I store my clean diapers

This is a picture of my changing table.  I love having a changing table and wouldn't want to change a diaper any other way.  I realize this is a personal preference and many parent's see changing tables unnecessary.  Using the top of the dresser would not work for me because I would lose storage.  His dresser is full of clothes. I couldn't give up any of that space to store all of my diapers!

On the top of the changing table, I have the changing pad, lotions, diaper creams, various medicines, nail clippers, and dry wipes.

On the top shelf, I keep my wipe warmer and two baskets full of diapers. The left basket holds my Fuzzibunz.  The right basket holds a various assortment of other diapers that I like to use in my daily rotation (Bumgenius, Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0, Knickernappies, and Oh Katy).

Baskets from top shelf.
Fuzzibunz on the left. Various other diapers on the right.
The bottom shelf has a lot of baskets! In the front, on the left, I keep my nighttime diapers (Flips).  Behind that is a large basket full of extra microfiber inserts.  In the middle, front, I keep my other diapers that he can fit into, but that I don't love or use very often.  Behind that is a basket of diapers he can't currently wear due to size.  On the right is where I stack wetbags and behind that is a basket full of disposables and various baby items (Q-tips, thermometer, etc.).

Baskets from bottom shelf.
Not all of my diapers were clean for this photo shoot, but most of them were.  I'm maybe missing five or six.

I have tried different baskets to accommodate my ever growing stash and I'm not in love with the way I have everything set up right now.  I would love something that looked more pleasing to the eyes, but what I currently have going on works.  I covet this mama's organization and all of her diapers!  Maybe one day I will have something as awesome as this!

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