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Diaper Solutions for Different Situations

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I hate the question, "If you could have one diaper in your stash, what would it be?" I've found that I have favorite diapers for different situations.  I've also found myself not wanting to part with my basket of barely used diapers (the backups that I hardly ever reach for) because I realize they may work great with my next baby.  Here's a breakdown of my favorite diapers for different situations:

During the day, if we are just hanging out at home, 99% of the time I will reach for a Fuzzibunz one size. I love the way they fit on my son.  Most of my stash is made up of Fuzzibunz, almost half of my diapers, but the majority of my Fuzzibunz diapers are the older one size style, I only have two Elites.

Running Errands
If we leave the house and I know that I will probably have to change his diaper while I'm gone, I will stock my diaper bag with the cutest cloth I own! I love to pack up my bright colors and fun prints.  I do this for totally selfish reasons.  I'm hoping that someone will catch a glimpse of his diaper while I'm changing it and will ask about my cloth.  In the seven months I've been cloth diapering, this has never happened! Some of my favorites are Albert Bumgenius Freetime, Knickernappies in Ooga Booga, Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 in owls and cow, and Applecheeks Wild Child.

Naps and Road Trips
I try to use natural fibers whenever possible for road trips and naps.  I try to avoid microfiber because it leads to compression leaks.  There's nothing I hate more than a leaky diaper! For naps and road trips, I like my Swaddlebees Simpex 2.0, Knickernappies with Loopy do insert, Bumgenius Elementals, and Applecheeks with bamboo inserts.

Every night, my son wears the same combination, a Flip cover with a Flip organic insert, and a Hemp Babies doubler.  This never changes! We tried other diapers and nothing keeps him dry for 13 hours like this combo! If this ever starting failing me I would cry!

Confession. We use disposable diapers.  Shh! But only at church three times a week! We attend a very large church.  Sometimes there are fifteen or more babies in the nursery at one time.  I am so grateful for the nursery volunteers.  I used to work in a church nursery, I know how stressful it can be when multiple babies are crying and there isn't a one to one ratio! So, for church only, we leave the cloth at home and use disposable diapers.

Do you find that you could build your stash out of one diaper only or would you need multiple diapers for different situations?

All images used with permission from Kelly's Closet.

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