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Cloth Diapering: One Husband's Perspective

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This is a guest post from my husband, Chas, the cloth diapering dad.  I would like to preface this post by saying it is written with a lot of sarcasm.  He is the reason we even started cloth diapering (because he is cheap) and he really is an incredibly supportive husband and father. He did attend a cloth diapering info session (happily) with me when we were pregnant and he's very supportive of my breastfeeding (but once again, maybe because he's cheap). He is my biggest cheerleader in every decision I make as a mother!

Cloth Diapering, One Husband’s Perspective.

So why should you care about a man’s perspective on cloth diapering?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When it comes to doing things around the house we’re lazy – really, really, really lazy and don’t like to be bothered about doing things. Especially things that we don’t want to do, sometimes even things we want to do, which doesn’t sound rational but it’s true all the same. One of the biggest things we don’t like to do is change a diaper. Husbands like to change diapers just about as much as wives like to have intimate relations with their husbands.

And that’s why you should care.

If you’re wanting help with this cloth diaper thing or you’re new to cloth and need some help coercing your husband into it then there are a few DO’s and DON’Ts you need to follow.

DON’T talk about how switching to cloth will help you save trees, preserve our environment or save the endangered howler monkey of west Mongolia. We don’t care. And when I say, “we don’t care” I’m making a generalization, but this is true for most men. Some of us do care (me included) but we don’t care enough to spend $500 on something we’re not even sure you’ll follow though with. Do you know how many X-Box games $500 will buy? That’s a lot of HALO and Call of Duty and most men aren’t willing to give that up to save a monkey, unless of course that monkey comes to live with you which would be pretty awesome.

DON’T talk about how cute they are. We don’t care. And when I say, “we don’t care” I really mean “we don’t care”. As long as you’re not putting girl clothes on my little boy we’re cool. Heck, as grown men most of us don’t care what we look like leaving for work in the morning. We could care less how cute our kid looks, especially if it’s going to cost $500 for you to get all the stuff you need to do this cloth diapering thing…

DON’T tell us anything about the extra work involved in dealing with cloth. Why would you do that?

DON’T tell us that cloth is easier than disposables. We know you’re lying. My lovely wife has fooled herself into actually believing it’s easier than disposables but I think we all know she’s a little obsessed.

DON’T take us window shopping with you. We don’t want to go to informational sessions held by some granola eating La Leche earth mother.  Especialy if it’s going to cost us $500 at the end of the session. 

Now here are a few things you should do.

DO tell us how much money we can save. That’s the kind of “green” we care about and while you’re telling us about the dollar amount be sure to paint some pretty word pictures about what we could do with all that money you’re saving, “Gee honey, maybe if we switched we could use some of the money we’d save to buy you an extra video game or two to play while I’m at book club. You work really hard. You deserve it.”

DO tell us that we’ll be making fewer trips to the end of the street on trash pick up days. This was a nice bonus that I discovered after we started cloth diapering. I haven’t had to walk our trash can to the end of the street for 3 weeks now and I bet I could go another week or two… remember we’re lazy.

DO tell us that you’ll take care of everything regarding set-up and show us what we need to know. It’s reassuring and gets us out of having to go see the La Leche earth mother. Remember that we’re lazy, but once we spend money on something we’re usually locked in and committed to it. So DON’T overwhelm us with all the set-up and other stuff you’ll need to do BEFORE you buy the diapers. 

DO get one of those sprayer things – It was a pain to hook up but it’s like having a high powered fire hose in your bathroom. I hate to admit it but sometimes I have fun spraying out those poopy diapers.

After 5 – 6 months of cloth diapering I have to say that I’m pretty excited. It’s not such a big deal changing a diaper that is actually saving you money. Just think everytime you change that diaper you can tell yourself, “Self, you saved some money just then by putting a cloth diaper on your kid.” Who knows, maybe you’ll save a few endangered howler monkeys too while you’re at it.

Want to hear more from Chas?  Check out his cloth diapering song "Cloth Diaper Obsession"
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