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Bumgenius Elemental Review

One of my favorite all in one (AIO) cloth diapers is the Bumgenius Elemental.

My Tester
My son, Noah, is 7 months old, and a very heavy wetter.  He currently weighs about 18 lbs. and is 26 inches tall.  He has been wearing this diaper since about 4 weeks old and 9 lbs with no problems of fit or leaking.

What is an All in One?
All in one cloth diapers are diapers that are have an outer waterproof cover with an inner absorbent layer sewn in.  There is no need for stuffing, like a pocket, or adding extra pieces.  You can usually add an extra layer of absorbency if you wish, but it is not needed.  All in ones are great for parents who don't have the extra time to stuff.  They are also great for caregivers because they are ready to go and don't take much, if any, extra instruction on how to use them.  The one downside to all in ones is they are usually more expensive.

Bumgenius Elemental Review
I have two Bumgenius Elementals in my stash.  They are both the same color, twilight, and close with snaps. From the outside they look exactly like a Bumgenius 4.0.  The inside is lined with 6 layers of organic cotton in 3 pieces.  The 3 pieces are sewn together at each end and open in between the layers for drying purposes.  It is a one size diaper and can fit a baby from anywhere from 7 to 35 pounds.  Bumgenius currently makes two all in one diapers.  The other is the Freetime and it has a microfiber inner insert.  The elemental is much trimmer than the freetime.

4.0 on the left, Elemental on the right.

Layers of the Elemental.
What I love!

  • Absorbent: Great for naps and long car rides
  • Soft inside: 100% organic cotton is really soft against baby's skin.
  • Trim
  • One-size
  • Great quality: Snaps are strong, company stands behind it's product
  • Adaptable: Can boost absorbency behind the layers if needed

4.0 on the left, Elemental on the right.
Elemental on the left, Freetime on the right.

What I don't love...

  • Long dry time: Organic cotton takes a really long time to dry.  It helps that the inserts are sewn where air can circulate in between them, but it still takes twice as long as my pockets to dry.
  • Loses softness: I like to hang dry anything with PUL (polyurethane laminate), so naturally, these get hung out to dry.  The inserts are not as soft when dried this way.  Although if I throw them in the dryer they are still super soft!
  • Awkward insert: The insert lays awkwardly in the diaper.  I think this is because it is a one-size diaper, but there is extra length in the insert.  I push it to the front and fold it over for extra absorbency for my heavy wetting son. 

Insert pushed to the back.
Insert pushed to the front.

Final Thoughts...
I would highly recommend this diaper to anyone! It is great for heavy wetters and I really wish I had more of them in my stash!

Win one!
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win one Bumgenius Elemental in Sassy! You can choose to do as many or as few of the entries as possible.  The winner will be notified by email.  Please be sure to check out my contest rules.  Good luck! ***CLOSED***

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