My 6 month old pooped in the potty

This is Noah.  He's 6 1/2 months old, sweet, and wonderful.  He loves to eat avocado and sweet potatoes, play with his dinosaur ball popper, and listen to me sing songs.  His first tooth broke through his gums yesterday and a couple weeks ago he pooped in the potty.

Yes. I said he pooped in the potty! It was amazingly thrilling for me.  I was crazy excited and he looked at me like I was nuts.  No one was home to witness it.  My parents didn't respond to my text message.  My husband thinks I'm insane.  And my sister in law (who just recently starting cloth diapering) said she would not be following in my footsteps.  Here's how it all started...

A few weeks ago I read a blog post about a mom who sort of, kind of practices elimination communication.  I've heard of it before.  In fact, when I decided to cloth diaper, a friend joked that I should just do EC.  Ha ha. In the post, the mom mentioned that she doesn't fully use EC, but that she can always tell when her child is pooping.  So instead of waiting for him to finish and then change his diaper she holds him over the potty.  Genius! One less diaper to spray, awesome.  So my wheels started turning.

Then later that day or maybe the day after I went to change Noah's diaper.  He had pooped and was about to poop some more right there on the changing table.  I swooped him up and ran across the hall to the bathroom.  I sat him on the potty and held him while he finished his business.  I was elated! My 6 month old had just pooped in the potty.  In the midst of my excitement he started peeing.  This ended up all over me.  Oh well.  Who cares.  I mean, my baby pooped in the potty!

He hasn't done it since then.  I did try one other time, but only ended up getting peed on again.  It's funny how motherhood changes you.  I don't mind the pee if there's a chance I can get him to use the potty. :)  I don't by any means think that my child is well on his way to potty training.  I realize he has no idea what is going on.  But I do think if I can save myself from spraying one less diaper, great.  I've also heard of children who are scared to poop in the potty while potty training.  They hold it for days.  Maybe I can avoid this be making pooping in the potty something normal by doing it every once in a while from a young age.

Call me crazy.  Maybe I am.

I can't cite the blog post I mentioned above because I don't know where it is posted.  I read so many blogs that I don't know that I could ever find it again.  If you wrote it or know where I can find it, please let me know and I'll be happy to cite!
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