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Favorite Things: Thirsties Fab Wipes

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This is the first series for the Cloth Diaper Revival blog!  Each day I will post a review on my favorite cloth diapering products.  At the end of the series you'll have a chance to win a package of "My Favorite Things" valued at over $100.

Favorite Things No. 1
I could not live without my Thirsties Fab Wipes! They are amazing! They are the perfect size and thickness and super soft! When my son is cranky during a diaper change these wipes quickly change his mood! He starts smiling instantly! It's amazing!  If I were a baby this is how I would want to be wiped and I know for a fact that my son is HUGE fan. I can tell from the smiles he gives me when the Thirsties touch his skin. There’s no comparison; imagine how different a warm wipe coated in natural oils would feel versus a cold, thin and scratchy wet wipe!

Another awesome thing about these wipes is the cost savings! I have spent less than $40 on my wipes.  Over time this amounts to huge savings compared to buying disposable wipes.  Cotton Babies estimates an average savings of $120 for using cloth wipes with one child.  

How I use them:
I use these every diaper change. I keep them rolled up in my Prince Lionheart Warmies wipe warmer. I have been using Chubby Cherubs Honey Bun drops for my wipes solution, but am switching to Ruby Moon Wipes Bits as soon as I run out of the Honey Bun. I have 3 sets of these (18 wipes) and that's enough to keep in my laundry rotation. My warmer only holds about 14 at a time though.

These are great for any mess and I only need one wipe for each change. I don't worry about spraying them after diaper changes and have no staining problems. I even use these on the go! It's much easier to use these and throw them in with a dirty diaper than separating a disposable wipe from my diaper laundry. I throw a couple of wipes in the Planet Wise wipes pouch for my diaper bag.

Some moms use baby wash clothes.  I have tried these and while they definitely work and are an improvement over disposable wipes, I don't like them as much as my Thirsties.  The Thirsties are much larger, thicker and softer.  The warmer also came with 4 wipes of its own brand.  These frayed on the edges very quickly and are pretty small.

At the end of the series I'll be giving away a set of 6 Thirsties Fab wipes along with some other of my favorites! Be on the look out!  Do you use cloth wipes?  What are your favorites?

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