Favorite Things: Hemp Babies hemp doublers

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Favorite Things No. 4: Hemp Babies hemp doublers
These are probably the cheapest thing I own in my diaper stash and I absolutely could not live without them!  Hemp Babies hemp doublers are amazing.  They are $3 a piece for a size small.  They are made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.  You can't have too many of them! I use them mostly for nighttime.  I use two, folded in half behind an organic prefold inside a cover at nighttime.  So at night, he gets 4 layers of hemp at the front where he needs his extra absorbency.  They are also great for boosting the absorbency in a daytime diaper.  You can stuff one behind a microfiber insert.  You want to use these behind the microfiber because they absorb slower. I particularly like them for car rides when he may be sitting longer in a diaper.  They are super trim, you can barely tell they are in the diaper.  They also wash up great!

Hemp Babies also makes them a large size, but since I use them in my Fuzzibunz which tend to be trimmer, I like the small size because of the width.  They also make an insert called Little Weeds that you can stuff inside a pocket.  These are much wider and half to be folded in half length wise to fit it inside a diaper.  So it's essentailly 2 doublers in one.  The catch is the Little Weeds are $6.50 (at Kelly's Closet) when you can buy 2 doublers for $6.

I've heard great things about hemp from other companies, but I feel the price point on these are perfect and they are absolutely necessary in my stash!  Anytime I'm trying to add to an order to get free shipping or an amount that can be used with a coupon, I boost my order with the doubler!

Have you tried them?  What other brands have you tried?  What about the Little Weeds?  Is there a reason you would prefer the Little Weeds over the doubler?

Don't forget! I'll be giving away my favorite things at the end of the series!

On a side note, I realize I have terrible pictures! My sister is a photographer...when will she rescue me!?


  1. I love them too! I just got 2 that I use for nap time. I've discovered that a BG with the Hemp Babies behind it works wonders for my little Ruth at bed time. I also love how quickly they dry! I'm curious about the Little Weeds, but also don't really want to mess with what works. Ya know?

    1. I can't imagine the Little Weeds being that much different other than the size and the fact that it is one piece of fabric over 2 together. It's cheaper if you buy it at Cotton Babies versus Kelly's Closet, but I like keeping all my reward points at KC. I just recently added the second hemp at nighttime. He used to only need one. Glad it was such an easy fix!

  2. No, but looks like I need some! Thanks for the post!

  3. These have been our nighttime salvation, too! Love them -- I do the same thing: add to my order at Kelly's Closet to get free shipping! :)


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