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Favorite Things: Bamboobies

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Favorite Things No. 6: Bamboobies 
Today's post is for nursing mamas! When I first started nursing I was using disposable nursing pads. They worked fine, but they irritated my skin and honestly they felt so wasteful! One box was $10 and I was continuing to buy them. I felt silly not using disposable diapers on my son, but buying disposable nursing pads! Someone had given me a box of Nuk reusable nursing pads as a shower gift. They were terrible! The milk absorbed by the pads felt cold against my skin and they were so itchy! I preferred the disposable ones over these. They quickly went straight into the trash. I bought some other reusable nursing pads made of hemp. While they absorbed better, I felt like they too irritated my delicate skin. I had heard mamas rave about Bamboobies on the Facebook page. So I bit the bullet and purchased a set.

Daytime Bamboobies
These are AMAZING! The daytime pads are really trim and incredibly soft! I love that they are heart shaped which helps them lay flat against my skin. I don't leak much during the day anymore, but when I do, they quickly wick away the moisture and keep me feeling dry. The nighttime pads are thicker and are totally noticiable in my tank top. My husband jokes about how silly they look poking through the top. They also curl up when washed, but I could not sleep without them, especially during the nights when my son surprises me and sleeps for longer periods of time. The daytime pads are made out of organic bamboo, cotton, and hemp with a layer of PUL to prevent leaks. The nighttimes are made out of organic bamboo fleece with a layer of organic cotton and hemp.
Nighttime Bamboobies

Do you have a set of Bamboobies?  What do you use for nursing pads?  Did you find that switching to reusable nursing pads made sense because you use cloth diapers?

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