How to score FREE cloth diapers!

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The initial sticker shock of building a cloth diaper stash can be a bit much (but remember that it's much lower than the total cost of diapering a baby with disposables). You can build your stash quickly and cheaper with free diapers! There are many ways to get free diapers for your cloth diaper stash. Below are a few suggestions.

Giveaways! There are tons of tons of cloth diaper giveaways each week! It just takes a few minutes of your time to enter. You can't win if you don't enter! Want to learn more? Go here!

Reward Points! Find a cloth diaper retailer that offers reward points and stick with that retailer! Kelly's Closet is my favorite! You earn one reward point for every dollar you spend. By keeping your reward points in one place, you can build up your points faster! Want to learn more? Go here!

Twitter Parties! Okay, so you don't have time to enter dozens of giveaways each week, but you love chatting with other cloth diapering mamas? Join a Twitter party! They are so much fun and the prizes can't be beat! Want to learn more? Go here!

Coupon codes! Kelly's Closet almost always has a coupon code for a free diaper with purchase! If you're going to spend the money on diapers, why not get a free diaper with your order? Also, watch for manufacturer specials where they offer buy x, get x free deals! Want to learn more? Go here!

If you can't afford diapers and are in need of assistance, there are many cloth diaper banks available. 

How many free diapers are in your stash?


  1. I seriously wish I would have know about all the tips when I started cloth diapering! After a while I discovered the "free diaper with purchase" deals and online giveaways... I think I now have about 12 "free" diapers in my stash - two from coupons and the rest from giveaways. But that was built over the last 2 years!

  2. I just love this post. I am definitely going to do the cloth diapering thing for my 3rd. There is nothing good about disposable diapers. As we all know, cloth diapers are convenient, less expensive, healthier for our children, and more valuable for the natural environment.
    Baby cloth diapers

  3. Another great way is to sell the formula checks they send if you're breast feeding and use that money towards building your stash. Thank you Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber for buying me cloth diapers!! ;)

    1. Except for the fact that the back of the check states that they cannot be sold. :-( way to be a decent human being with something that was given to you for free.

  4. I have won 18 diapers so far! :) My first one was in oct 2011! before I even had my son/knew i was pregnant.

  5. I'm working on earning swagbucks so I can cash them in for an Amazon gift card for more dipes. :D

  6. If money is a really concern, one of the most cost effective ways to diaper..flats cut from thrifted t-shirts and wool covers made from thrifted sweaters.
    T-shirts can be easily cut into a square or rectangle flat. Katrina's soaker pattern is free, easy, and quality.


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