What to do when kids are afraid of public bathrooms! {Giveaway!}

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My son is afraid of loud noises. Not all loud noises, but some of them are enough for people to think I'm hurting him. This is incredibly stressful in public places. We can't use a public bathroom without scoping out the hand dryer situation. If there's a dryer and no paper towels, the thought of washing his hands is pretty much the worst thing ever! But as a mom, the last thing I want to do is let him use the bathroom without washing his hands...gross!

Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or diaper bag is a great solution, but most mainstream sanitizers are full of alcohol. The alcohol dries out your skin (which is even worse with the winter coming) and can also pull away the good bacteria that our skin needs. And of course, there's the component of exposing our bodies to more chemicals.

I've discovered keeping a bottle of Moody Sister's Cleansing Spray in my purse is the perfect solution! It keeps my child from being anxious about having to wash his hands in public and keeps me from dealing with the meltdown of making him wash his hands! Just a spray on his hands does the trick! We also love this spray for outings, messy/sticky faces, and it was incredibly useful on our last camping trip with no showers.

We've also been using Moody Sister's Calendula Butter Bar Soap and love it! With a family full of skin issues, we need to keep chemicals out of our bathroom and off of our skin. The bar is perfect for all ages and is safe for babies as well. It smells amazing and does a great job scrubbing the dirt off of my 4 year old after a day playing outside and keeping our skin moisturized.

You can purchase Moody Sister's Skincare from their website! I love that this company is run by two super sweet sisters with a passion for all things natural! Learn more about them here. Save 10% off your order, plus receive a free sample when you sign up for the Moody Sister's newsletter!

Enter the giveaway below to win a bottle of Cleansing Spray and Calendula Butter Bar! Good luck!

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FAQ about our adoption and a T-shirt fundraiser!

Since announcing our adoption plans, we've received many questions from friends and family! I've posted the questions and answers below for anyone that is curious or has been afraid to ask.

1. Are you asking for a girl?
I guess most people assume that because we already have a boy, we will be asking for a little girl. Not true! We are open to either gender and honestly, we have no preference. I know people say that all the time, but we just feel so blessed to even be on this journey to grow our family that gender doesn't matter.

2. Will you get to pick the baby?
No and sort of. We are creating an adoption profile with our preferences. Those preferences can include things like gender, race, and health backgrounds from the birth parents. Birth parents that meet our specified criteria will be presented with our information and they will have the option to choose us.

That being said, we have left our preferences very open with only a few things that we have closed the door on. We know that the more specific we get, the longer we will wait. We also know that God has chosen the child for our family and He will bring us all together.

3. Where will your baby come from?
We are on the path to a domestic infant adoption. Most likely the child will come from our state, but we do have the option to open our profile up to birth parents anywhere in the US.

4. How old will the baby be?
Our child will be an infant, from birth. In the state of North Carolina, the birth parents have 7 days to change their mind after signing their rights away after birth. In most circumstances, the baby will join our family at that 7 day mark, but it is possible that the baby could come home with us straight from the hospital.

5. How do you get chosen?
We have created a profile book that is full of pictures of our family, friends and details about our life. This book will be presented to birth parents all over the state. If they like our family, they have the option to choose us!

6. How long is the wait? When will you be getting your baby?
We don't know. Our adoption agency is very vague about this and they have all the reason to be. This is what we know...

Currently, we are in the home study process. This part of the process includes two interviews with our adoption coordinator, an interview with our pastor, and a home visit. The two interviews are complete and the rest should be finished up this month. Then we become a "waiting family".

Once we are a waiting family, our profile book will be presented to birth parents. If and when we are chosen by a family, we will wait for the baby to be born. Most birth parents choose their adoptive families during the third trimester. We could be waiting anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

7. Why is it so expensive? 
Private adoption can be so expensive. As detailed in our last blog post, we are looking at around $25,000 and there could be even more expenses bringing that number somewhere between $30-$35,000. Those funds cover legal fees, our agency fees, and medical care for the birth mother and delivery of the baby. Our agency is a Christian agency that is operating at a loss on each finalized adoption. They supplement those funds with donations from the community.

8. There are so many children in foster care. Why don't you go through the foster system which is free?
When God called us to adoption, we let Him take the lead. He even pointed us directly to the adoption agency we are working with. Domestic adoption, international adoption, and foster care through the state are all ways to help children in need. There are children that need families no matter which path you choose. We are simply following the path that God has for our family.

9. How can I help?
Pray! We welcome your prayers for our family as we prepare to bring another child into our home. Specifically, please pray for:
  • Noah, as we prepare him to become a big brother. 
  • The birth parents, that God would give them peace as they choose adoption for their child. 
  • The health of the birth mother and the baby. 
  • The finances to fund this adoption. 
Buy a t-shirt! This morning we launched a 10 day t-shirt drive through Chrome Buffalo! Every t-shirt sold will provide $11 towards our adoption! There are lots of t-shirt designs available on the site in various sizes.

If t-shirts aren't your thing and you'd rather donate directly, we do have a fund set up in Paypal.

Don't forget as you're shopping to use my affiliate links. By simply shopping through my affiliate links, you are helping our family! This is at no cost to you above what you were already planning to purchase. Please bookmark these sites and use them each time you shop!

Amazon ---> http://amzn.to/1L2AE9b
Kelly's Closet ---> http://www.kellyscloset.com/?AffId=630

Thank you to everyone that prayed for us and for your donations so far! We can't wait to grow our family and to continue to share our journey with you!

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We're adopting!

Family, friends, and loyal blog readers,

Many of you have followed my journey with infertility over the last few years. There have been a lot of tears and ups and downs. The infertility roller coaster was not a fun ride and I'm happy to say that our family has stepped away from infertility treatments and moved on to a new chapter.

Earlier this summer, it became very clear to both my husband and myself that it was time to move forward. It was time to close the door on infertility treatments and pursue a new adventure for our family. After a lot of prayer and seeking, God made things very clear to us that adoption was our next step. We are so excited to share this news with you!

We have chosen an agency and spent the majority of our summer making things happen. This includes lots and lots of paperwork and a few meetings. All of our paperwork is in order and in place and we are just a step away from becoming a "waiting family". Our adoption will be a domestic infant adoption and the wait to be chosen by birth parents could be very long or very short. The timing is all in God's hands.

The excitement we have felt from day 1 of this journey is pure joy. There is such a peace about knowing we are in God's will. That He will make everything happen. While we don't know who our child is or when we will meet him or her, God does. The excitement I feel is identical to my pregnancy with our son. And while I don't have a due date and I can't feel this baby kicking and growing inside my belly, I am constantly longing for the day that I finally get to meet Baby M!

How you can help


For the birth parents. Choosing to place your child for adoption cannot be an easy decision. Pray for healing and peace for both the mother and the father as they wrap their minds around trusting another family to care for and love their child.

For patience. Adoption can be a long process with a lot of waiting. If you know Charlie and I, you know that waiting is hard! We like to get things done and we like to be in control. In our meetings, we have heard over and over again that the process is "hurry up and wait". We have done the "hurry up" part with all of our paperwork and now we wait.

For us financially. As you may have guessed, adoption is expensive. We know that this is the path that God has called us to and that He will provide. We have budgeted for this expense, but it is not an easy cost to swallow.


Donate! You can donate safely via Paypal using the link below. If you would like to donate via check and need our mailing address, please send me an email. Your donations will be used for adoption related expenses including, but not limited to, the $25,000+ adoption fee due at the time of placement.

Use my affiliate links! By simply shopping through my affiliate links, you are helping our family! This is at no cost to you above what you were already planning to purchase. Please bookmark these sites and use them each time you shop!
Amazon ---> http://amzn.to/1L2AE9b
Kelly's Closet ---> http://www.kellyscloset.com/?AffId=630

Fundraisers! We are in the process of planning fundraisers. If you have any ideas or would like to help in any way with this, please let me know!

Thank you again for loving us, for following our journey so far, and for praying with us on this new chapter! We'll keep you posted as we have information and updates.

If you'd like to be on our special adoption email list, please sign up below! We'll let you know via email when we have news to share!


A LUXurious diaper: Introducing Funky Fluff LUX {Giveaway}

I'm a sucker for something gorgeous and luxurious when it comes to cloth diapers. Funky Fluff has done both of those things with the new LUX line! This new diaper is an update from the old OS diapering system. The new LUX shell is one-size (OS) and comes with either a bamboo lining or stay dry. The shell can be used as either pocket, an all-in-two (AI2), or an all-in-one (AIO). There is a pocket opening at both the front and the back of the diaper for easing stuffing and insert removal. When choosing to use the diaper as an AIO or an AI2, there's a snap at the top of the back of the diaper. Just snap the insert in and fasten onto your baby!

The shell fits from approximately 7-35 lbs. and has 4 sizing options with the rise snaps. The crossover snaps on the tabs create a great fit for even the tiniest of waists! The hip snaps prevent wing drop which is a must have for me when choosing a diaper! I do find this diaper a little hard to stuff in the middle, where the natural curve of the design is, but thanks to the front and back opening, I was able to pull the insert through and smooth it out without any issues.

The LUX diaper comes with two new LUX bamboo soakers, a large and a small. When used individually, this diaper is incredibly trim. The inserts can snap together to boost the absorbency for naps or a heavy wetter.

With the new diapers, Funky Fluff also released two new prints! Chantilly and Maritime are gorgeous and a perfect edition to the line-up! The LUX diaper retails for $24.45 for the bamboo lining and $23.45 for the stay dry lining, pricing includes two bamboo inserts.

Funky Fluff also has new DeLUX Bamboo/Hemp soakers. These new inserts are trim and sewn in a way to make drying quicker. They are sold as a set, one large and one small soaker and retail for $15.95.

Now for the fun part! Enter to win an amazing prize pack from Funky Fluff valued at $104!

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