Mommy Con Atlanta 2016 is coming! Win tickets now!

MommyCon Atlanta is coming soon...very soon! Join me in Atlanta on February 6 for a day of all things natural and organic parenting. From cloth diapers and baby wearing to potty training and picky eaters, MommyCon has all the info you need!

I attended Mommy Con Atlanta last year and it was a blast! I spent the day in the cloth diaper resource center where you can learn everything you need to know about cloth diapers from myself and a few other cloth diaper veterans. I'm planning to attend Atlanta again this year. That picky eater session would be a life saver for my family right now! Goodbye peanut butter and jelly!

There's something at MommyCon for both moms and dads, whether you're expecting your first baby or have preschoolers. If you're struggling with nights, there's a sleep consultant on hand offering advice for every age. You'll love everything from the sessions to the vendors!

MommyCon Atlanta takes place on Saturday, February 6 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Tickets start at $45 per person and come with a swag bag you'll love! For tickets and more details, check out the MommyCon Atlanta info page. Save $5 on your general admission ticket with coupon code CLOTHDIAPERREVIVAL16! This code works for all cities in 2016!

We're giving away two tickets to MommyCon Atlanta! Enter below to win! Giveaway ends Thursday, January 21st at 12:00 am ET. Winner will be emailed on Friday, January 22nd. Good luck!

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Tips for Buying Used Cloth Diapers

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Used Diapers

A great way to save on your cloth diaper stash is to buy used diapers. There'a lot of great diapers on the market with a lot of life in them! You must tread carefully when buying used though. One bad transaction will teach you to be careful! Here's some tips for buying used.

Rules for buying used:
#1 - Do your research! If you have a brand in mind, look at the current retail value for the diaper. Find the cost to you if buying new and then decide if buying used is worth the discount.
Remember when buying used diapers, you will not receive the warranty that is provided by many diaper manufacturers. 

#2 - Ask lots of questions! How old are the diapers? Are there any problems? Do the diapers need any repair? How long were the diapers in use? Smoking home?  You want to get as much detail as possible about the diapers being sold before you commit. If the buyer has not provided detailed pictures, ask for them!

#3 - Protect yourself with PayPal! Use Paypal when purchasing diapers online. Do not send money via the "friends and family" option as it will not protect you if something goes wrong. All money should be sent using the "goods and services" option. There will be a fee involved, but this fee will come out of the seller's earnings. These fees protect you and the seller in the event of a negative transaction.

If buying diapers locally and paying cash, be sure to expect the diapers really well in person before committing to the sale. 

Common terms and descriptions:
B/S/T - Buy, sell, trade
EUC - Excellent Used Condition.
GUC- Good Used Condition.
VGUC- Very Good Used Condition.
PPD - Postage Paid Domestic
ISO - In search of
NWT - New With Tags
NWOT - New without tags
NIP - New in package
HTF - Hard to Find (price may be above retail for diapers in this category)

The descriptions EUC, GUC, etc. do not have hard fast rules about what that means. This is at the discretion of the seller. What is excellent condition to you, may be different to someone else. This is why it is very important to ask lots of questions before purchasing. 

Where to shop:
Cloth Diaper Trader
Local Facebook Groups
Brand related B/S/T Facebook Groups
Cloth Diaper Retailers - many have a section from returns in excellent condition. (Kelly's Closet has a great used selection!)
and more! Just do a Facebook search for cloth diaper B/S/T and quite a few things will come up!

Some moms are looking to trade their diapers for other styles or brands. This is a great way to try a different diaper without spending any money! The best way to do a trade is through Paypal. The two parties decide on a fair amount for the value of the diapers. Each party sends the other person the money to their paypal account (using "goods and services). So not only are you trading diapers, you are trading the same amount of money in Paypal. Each person ships their diaper to the other.

Example: Trade a Bumgenius Freetime for a Thirsties AIO. The buyers decide on $15 for each diaper. Person #1 sends person #2 $15 in Paypal. Person #2 sends person #1 $15 in Paypal.

The Paypal transaction protects both buyers in the event that someone does not hold their end of the deal or sends a diaper that is not as described.

Look for markings! 
Diapers that have markings on the tags typically represent something. In some cases, this may be the child's initials for daycare purposes. But some charities and manufacturers mark through tags to represent diapers that were second quality, donations (not to be resold), etc. Be on the lookout and ask questions if needed.

Looking to sell your diapers? Read my tips on how to sell you stash!


Fluffy Black Friday! Get your fluffy fix now!

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If you're looking for deals on cloth diapers, now is the time to shop! Kelly's Closet has all the deals you need on your favorite brands and the freebies, giveaways and discounts are amazing!

Kelly's Closet will have 10%-50% off some of your favorite brands and the first 200 orders over $24.99 will receive FREE GIFTS!

Only on Black Friday
15% Off Select Tots Bots
15% Off Select Lillebaby
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15% Off Select bumGenius
15% Off Select Rumparooz
10% Off Onya Baby Carriers
10% Off bumGenius Original 5.0
15% Off Select Thirsties
10% Off Select Funky Fluff
15% Off Select Tidy Tots
...and more!!

Buy One, Get One FREE*
Buy One 100 Count Box of Eco Nuts Soap Nuts, Get One 100 Count Box FREE
Buy One qdspray Travel Sprayer, Get one Travel Attachment FREE
Buy One Super Undies Hybrid Training, Get One Hybrid Insert FREE
Buy One Spray Pal Bundle, Get One Sticky Bellies Make Cloth Mainstream Sticker Pack (value $7.95) FREE
Buy One Proud Body Belly Painting Kit, Get One Tummy Tat for FREE
*Supplies are limited.

All orders placed on Friday will enter you into the Gobble, Gobble, Ho Ho Giveaway Extravaganza!

What are you shopping for this weekend?

As you shop using the links on my site, you are helping to fund our adoption! Thank you for your support!


Our Adoption Profile Book

One of the hardest parts things we've had to do so far in our adoption journey is create a profile book. This book will be shown to birth parents. This will be how they choose the family that is right for them and their child. Picking and choosing the pictures and writing the words was not an easy task! And while the internet can be an amazing resource, there weren't really any templates out there on how to do this. We found this blog post very helpful and used it as a guideline to create our own profile book. I have uploaded the pages of our profile book below. Hopefully what we have done can be helpful to another family that doesn't know where to start.

This week I'll be dropping four copies of our book to our adoption agency. One copy will stay in our local office, two other copies will go to the other offices in our state. The fourth book will be available to send out of state to anyone that requests to view it after they view our online profile (yet to be completed).

Our home study is almost complete! The report is written and within the next week, we should have everything signed off! We'll be writing a big check to make everything official and then we WAIT! This is huge! I'll be sure to update when we are officially on the list!


Just a reminder, as you do your holiday shopping, by shopping through my affiliate links, you are helping our family! This is at no cost to you above what you were already panning to purchase.

You can donate directly to our adoption fund through PayPal. 

To sign up for adoption update emails, click here.

Thank you for following our journey and for your prayers! 

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