Kelly's Closet Fluffiversary Giveaway!

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Happy 14th Fluffiversary to Kelly's Closet! I have been a fan of Kelly's Closet since I first found them when pregnant over 4 years ago! In that time, I have made countless purchases (hello cloth diaper addiction!), learned how amazing their customer service is, and become an employee! I think it's safe to say that I love Kelly's Closet and they are my favorite cloth diaper retailer!

Read about why you should shop at Kelly's Closet!

Kelly's Closet has the best coupon codes! If you're looking to make an order, these are two current codes available! Who doesn't love free diapers?

14 years ago I was in high school and cloth diapers weren't even something I ever thought about! bumGenius, Rumparooz, GroVia, and Thirsties weren't even companies! It's amazing to think how far the cloth diaper industry has come in 14 years!

Today, we're going to celebrate those years with prizes from Moraki and Logan and Lenora! Moraki diapers are sewn by a handful of moms in California (hooray for USA made!) and Logan and Lenora makes the most gorgeous, boutique-y wet bags I have ever seen! But the prizes don't stop there! There are also prizes from AppleCheeks, Balm Baby, and Rumparooz, with new prizes being added daily for a total of 14 days!

Enter to win on the Rafflecopter below! Happy Fluffiversary Kelly's Closet!

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Reusable Swim Diapers - Everything you need to know!

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Swim season is on the way! Skip the disposable swim diapers and switch to cloth! There are many brands, some are even sold at stores like Target, but if you have a favorite cloth diaper retailer, I encourage you to give them your business! You may have heard that you can use a cloth diaper as a swim diaper. I'll break down all the things you should consider when deciding which route to go.

Swim diapers are made to hold in the solids only. This is true for both cloth and disposable. If your baby pees, the liquid will pass straight through the diaper.

Tip! Wait until you are ready to get in the pool or at the beach before putting the swim diaper on your baby. If you do it at home and then drive to your destination, you could end up with a car seat full of pee!

I suggest a minimum of two swim diapers for each visit. If you plan on being at the pool longer than a few hours or if you swim frequently, you may need more. For each visit, you'll need one for your baby to wear and then a back-up in case your baby poops.

Tip! Don't forget a wet bag to store your dirty swim diapers. Wet bags are also great for wet swim suits too! 

Swim diapers that have some kind of closure, either snaps or aplix, will make diaper changes easy if your baby poops! Having a diaper that pulls on and off without any snaps can make a mess.

Repurposing a cloth diaper
Some brands says you can use their cloth diapers without the absorbent layer as a swim diaper. GroVia suggest using their shells (without the soaker) and bumGenius suggests using a 4.0 without the insert. Both of these options will work! However, you should consider that concrete, sand, shells, and all potentially damage the PUL layer of your diaper. Cloth diapers are also made to hold in liquids, unlike swim diapers. Even without an absorbent layer, the PUL will pool some of the water in the diaper in between your baby's legs.

Delaminated diaper
The only real use left for a diaper that has delaminated is as a swim diaper. Once the diaper delaminates, it loses it's ability to be waterproof. Since the diaper is no longer usable in your stash, you shouldn't be concerned about the concrete or the shells and this would be a great way to use that diaper!

We have used both Bummis and AppleCheeks and were able to use both for more than one swim season without my son outgrowing them. We found the investment to be worth it! For more info on these two brands, see this comparison post.


#miniSPbdaybash Day 6! Prizes from Kelly's Closet, Baby Mushroom, Sticky Bellies, and Rock-a-bums!

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Mini Spray Pal 2.0 is turning 3! What better way to celebrate Ryan than with a giant giveaway every day! The Spray Pal family has won the hearts of the cloth diaper community (and beyond!) with their incredible story of Ryan hearing for the first time. If you haven't seen the below, it's a must watch!

This giveaway is open worldwide and the prizes for today are amazing! Be sure to check out the Spray Pal blog so you don't miss one of the many birthday giveaways!

Day 6 Prizes:
$50 gift card to Kelly's Closet
$50 gift card to Sticky Bellies
Rock-a-bums prize pack ($50 value)
Baby Bello organic play mat from Baby Mushroom ($200+ value)

Enter below! Good luck!

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Super Undies and why I fell in love

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So I always wondered why people would need potty training pants anyway, then I had a boy. I tried to potty train naked, but he peed on the couch one too many times! EWW! Are you kidding?? On the COUCH?! How do you even clean out all the nooks and crannies there!!

Well, I never wanted to use potty training pants, I thought I could just use my cloth diapers. But I wasn't fooling anyone. Not having that of psychological shift into a different phase of life may have been hindering us. See, my son really liked the idea of growing up! He wanted to be a big kid, but that peeing on the couch thing was still getting me. So I broke down. I got a few pairs of Super Undies. I did my homework and there are a few different kids out there, but since I was buying training pants anyways, I put myself in my sons shoes. These were the ones he could embrace the easiest! He could have a cape, some big boy undies, and he could be empowered! Children speak and learn though play, and if it isn't fun, they quit. Super Undies helped us get into that place of making potty training a game! Sometimes super heroes take a blow, but they get back up and keep on going! Sometimes potty training it tough, but throwing on a colorful pair of super undies, a cape, mama’s rubber gloves and grabbing a turkey baster was all we needed to get back on the band wagon!

Turns out these Hybrid Undies are the real deal! They turned out to be more waterproof than I expected! And if we had a small accident, it really was no big deal to whip out that dampish insert and stuff a new one in there. We even started folding the insert in half and just shoving down the front of the undies! More absorbency where he needs it, quick and changeable, easy peasy. Its been a good fight, but we finally won. Potty training is over and my son is my hero! Now if only we could tackle the bedwetting. I know that’s not a conscious thing my son can learn. It will just happen one day. But until then, I found out that the owner of Super Undies had the same problem as me and made bedwetting pants too. Really good ones :)

For a full review on the Super Undies Hybrid --> click here

For tips on potty training --> click here
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