Where to find Audrey!

Cotton Babies pulled a fast one and released an adorable limited edition print, Audrey. She's gorgeous and everyone wanted her. Unfortunately, no one realized how limited Audrey really was. Cotton Babies sold out of Audrey within a day and cloth diaper fans began stalking retailers for stocking updates. Stores put limits on the number of prints you could purchase and B/S/T pages were bogged down with Audreys being sold at ridiculous prices. 

Things seem to have died down over the last couple of weeks. I think people are anxiously awaiting the next new print from Cotton Babies. I'm sure no one will wait to purchase that one! In the mean time, if you couldn't get your hands on Audrey and are bummed out, there's still a chance! Retailers won't be restocking, but bumbledoo has multiple chances for you to win an Audrey or to get one for free!

Instagram Giveaway - Simply follow bumbledoo on Instagram and repost their image with the tag! 

Facebook Giveaway - Like their page and share the photo! Simple as that!

Blog Giveaway - Subscribe to bumbledoo's blog posts and enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. 

If you don't like giveaways because you never win and are looking for a sure fire way to get your hands on Audrey, bumbledoo can help you there too! bumbledoo won't be putting Audrey up for purchase, but you can use a coupon code to secure your very own diaper! Use coupon code POCKETAUDREY when you spend $175 and you'll receive a FREE 4.0 Audrey! Use code FREETIMEAUDREY when you spend $200 and you'll receive a FREE Freetime Audrey! 

So what are you waiting for? Good luck! 


Holding onto hope.

I need a baby. I need a place to say that out loud. I need a place to be honest. So this is it.

My son will be three in August. He's adorable, amazing, and brightens every day of my life. I love him dearly and I want to do it all over again. Every day that I look at him I see how grown he is. Sure, when you think of a two year old, you think baby, but no. This is a kid. He's growing too fast. I'm sure one day I'll look back on these days and remember how little he was, but right now, he's big. He's getting smarter and bigger every day. I need time to stop.

The plan was never to have just one child. I always wanted three or four. That was my plan anyway. God's plan doesn't always match up to ours. We've spent almost 2 years trying to conceive a second child and nothing has happened. All of 2013 was spent at fertility clinics with blood work, ultrasounds, shots, prescriptions, and more. We've spent thousands of dollars and the emotional roller coaster was putting a toll on my sanity and my marriage. I couldn't take the ups and downs. The hope followed by the depression. Our savings account was depleted and we decided to take a break.

We said a year. Wait until January 2015. See what happens. Maybe we'll get a miracle, maybe not, but we needed a break. The first month "off" of our treatments was amazing. I felt so free. I was at peace. This continued for a few more months. Then about a month ago the fever started coming back. I don't know what it is about spring, but there are births everywhere and pregnancy announcements multiple times a day. It's getting to me again. I find myself longing for a newborn.

When you work in the cloth diaper industry, you can't really block out the new babies. Babies need cloth diapers. There's no escaping it. It's a daily struggle not to be jealous and sad. I'm always left wondering why not me. Why can't my son be a big brother? Why can't we have just one more? Just one. I've long forgotten of my dream to have three or four. Two would be heavenly.

The thing is, I look to our future and I can see it. I can imagine us as a family of three. It's beautiful and I love it. I know my life would be full of love and life. But I can't help but hold on to the hope and the dream of another baby. Just one more. One more chance to watch my belly grow and to feel beautiful because of the life inside of me. Just one more chance to snuggle a newborn and to fall in love with a tiny being. One chance to watch my son become a big brother.

I want to say I feel cheated, but I don't. I know I'm lucky. I'm incredibly blessed to have my son. There are couples that long for just one baby and can't even have that. The guilt sets in and I look to my son and thank God for him. But none of that changes my desire for another. I still long for one more.

We said we wouldn't move in 2014 unless God makes that clear. It's April and he hasn't spoken. So we'll wait. No IVF, no adoption, no doctor appointments. Just waiting. Praying for a miracle. Praying for patience. Praying that God will help me through each pregnancy announcement, each birth, each tear.


North Carolina Babypalooza!

If you're in North Carolina, near the Fayetteville area you have to attend Babypalooza this Saturday, April 12, 2014! Babypalooza is a local event with everything you need to know about the best baby products and services!

I'll be there chatting about cloth diapers and my blog, but there will also be vendors and experts with baby experience all over the spectrum! From cloth diapers and baby wearing to doula services and gifts for moms, you do not want to miss this event! There will be a huge cloth diaper consignment sale, giveaways, and activities for the whole family!

Babypalooza is hosted by bumbledoo and will be located in downtown Fayetteville. There will be swag bags for the first guests to arrive, so get there early before they run out! Be sure to stop by my table promoting my blog. I'll have a new giveaway every hour and samples for all thanks to bumbledoo, Thirsties, Kelly Wels, Balm Baby, and Grandma El's! I can't wait to meet you!

If you aren't local, be sure to check out bumbledoo! From cloth diapers to car seats, they have an awesome store with free shipping on all orders!


Cloth Diapering Part Time

Cloth diapering doesn't have to be all or nothing. If you're unsure about switching to cloth diapers or don't have the funds to buy your stash all at once, consider using cloth diapers part time!
Part time cloth diapering

Reasons to choose cloth part time:

  • Diaper stash not big enough
  • Child care provider does not feel comfortable with cloth
  • On the fence about switching to cloth diapers

Things to consider:
Wash routine - cloth diapers typically need to be washed every 2-3 days to prevent stink issues, mildew, or other bacteria growth. If you don't have enough dirty diapers every couple of days to devote to a load of cloth diapers only, you can wash them with your other laundry. First, run a rinse cycle with your cloth diapers only. Then add your other laundry (towels, sheets, or other items that can be washed on hot are best) and wash with detergent.

Hybrid cloth diapers - You can use disposable inserts inside many cloth diaper covers. After each use you can reuse your cover but just switch out the disposable insert. To see an overview of the best brands on the market and which would be best for your baby, check out this post!

To read more on part-time cloth diapering, check out these posts from Allie and Jill!

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